Celebrating the 2021 USEA Annual Award Winners

Saturday’s awards dinner at the 2021 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention featured Jim Wofford and James Wolf as Masters of Ceremonies. They teamed up well to announce a wide range of awards and honors throughout the evening. Starting with the awards for Beginner Novice, join us in congratulating all of the winners!

Beginner Novice

  • Carla Lindsay: Junior Beginner Novice Champion
  • Nicole Carlone: Intercollegiate Beginner Novice Champion
  • Cami Pease: Adult Rider & Adult Amateur Rider Beginner Novice Champion
  • Stephen Fulton: Master Rider & Master Amateur Rider Beginner Novice Champion
  • Maya Chinana: Young Adult Rider Beginner Novice Champion


  • Samantha Schwartz: Young Adult Rider Novice Champion
  • Katie Szewczyk: Intercollegiate Novice Champion
  • Jamie Allison: Adult Rider Novice Champion
  • Maddie Lichten: Adult Amateur Rider Novice Champion
  • Nancy Wilson: Master Amateur Rider Novice Champion
  • Madeline Bletzacker: Master Rider Novice Champion


  • Shelby Murray: Junior Rider Training Champion
  • Ghislaine Homan-Taylor: Adult Rider Training Champion
  • Cora Severs: Intercollegiate Training Champion & Young Adult Rider Training Champion
  • Brooke Kahl: Master Rider & Master Amateur Rider Training Champion
  • Francesca Broggini: Adult Amateur Rider Training Champion


  • Audrey Ogan: Junior Rider Modified Champion
  • Julia Fanello: Young Adult Rider Modified Champion
  • Morgyn Johnson: Intercollegiate Modified Champion & Adult Amateur Rider Modified Champion
  • Stephanie Sills: Adult Rider Modified Champion
  • Master Rider & Master Amateur Rider Modified Champion


  • Alexis Larson: Junior Rider Preliminary Champion
  • Caroline Martin: Adult Rider Preliminary Champion
  • Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp: Master Rider Preliminary Champion
  • Jackson Dillard: Young Adult Rider & Intercollegiate Preliminary Champion
  • Arden Wildasin: Adult Amateur Rider Preliminary Champion
  • Lisa Borgia: Master Amateur Rider Preliminary Champion


  • Stephanie Cooper: Master Amateur Rider Intermediate Champion
  • Benjamin Noonan: Young Adult Rider Intermediate Champion
  • Ariel Grald: Adult Rider Intermediate Champion
  • Arden Wildasin: Adult Amateur Rider Intermediate Champion


  • Cosby Green: Intercollegiate Advanced Champion
  • Madeline Scott: Adult Amateur Rider Advanced Champion
  • Kevin Keane: Master Amateur Rider Advanced Champion
  • Boyd Martin: Adult Rider Advanced Champion


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Horses of the year were awarded at the beginner novice through advanced levels, with a few special awards as well.

  • Drummer Boy: Novice Horse Champion
  • Reverie GWF: Training Horse Champion
  • Mr. Panda: Modified Horse Champion
  • Shanroe Cooley: Preliminary Horse Champion & Preliminary 6-year-old Horse Champion
  • Lady Chatterley: Intermediate Horse Champion
  • Nemesis: Intermediate 7-year-old Horse Champion
  • Isselhook’s First Sight TSF: SmartPak USEA Stallion of the Year
  • My Valentine: SmartPak USEA Pony of the Year

The USET Connaught Grant is awarded to a horse – the recipient this year was Chin Tonic, a 9-year-old Holsteiner gelding owned by Hyperion Stud and ridden by William Coleman.

The Standlee Premium Western Forage USEA Horse of the Year went to On Cue, a 16-year-old Selle Francais mare owned by Christine Turner in partnership with Boyd Martin and Tommie and TJ Turner. On Cue was also the Bates USEA Mare of the Year and the Advanced Horse Champion.

After the division awards, the night moved on to special awards, grants, and honorable mentions. Alexandra Baugh received both the Revitavet USEA Young Rider of the Year Award as well as Young Adult Rider Advanced Champion. Katie Lichten was the Intercollegiate Intermediate Rider Champion, as well as USEA Adult Amateur of the Year. The Bates USEA Lady Rider of the Year went to Tamra Smith. World Equestrian Brands USEA Rider of the Year went to Boyd Martin.


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The USEA Volunteer of the Year Award, presented by Sunsprite Warmbloods, went to Cynthia Smith. Let’s give a big shoutout to Cynthia, who logged over 500 volunteer hours in 2021! Susan Watson received the Above & Beyond Event Personnel Award. The Amateur Impact Award went to Liz Messaglia. Stephanie Simpson won the Liz Cochran Memorial Groom’s Award.

Tawnie Anderson was awarded the Courtney Reeves Memorial Trophy. The Vintage Cup recipient was Holly Covey. Mellisa Warden was the recipient of the Ironmaster Trophy. Two Cornerstone Instructor Awards were given out this year, to Andrea Pfeiffer and Alison Eastman-Lawler. Kathleen Russell won the Sue Hershey Award. Alice Sarno of Area X, which hosted this year’s convention, was given the Andrew H. Popiel Memorial Trophy.

Caroline Martin was the recipient of the Wilton Fair Fund. Heather Thomas was awarded the Worth the Trust Scholarship. Sharyn Antico and Beth Perkins were each awarded Haller Educational Scholarships for officials. Cole Horn was the recipient of the Essex Horse Trials Grant. Rebecca Roth was the recipient of the Seema Sonnad Junior Rider Grant. Rebecca Braitling took home two big awards: the Captain Mendivil-Yucupicio Award and the Mike Huber Award.

Sarah and Jerome Broussard took the stage to announce the winners of the Rebecca Broussard Developing Rider Grants. Marc Grandia was awarded the “Little Becky” aka the Rebecca Broussard National Developing Rider Grant. Maya Black was awarded the “Big Becky” aka the Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant. Sarah also announced that the grants will continue for another three years, which was terrific news!

Jacqueline B. Mars was awarded two big honors, which included the As You Like It Owner’s Award and the Wofford Cup. Lauren Nicholson took the stage to read comments on Ms. Mars’ behalf and Ms. Mars also pre-recorded a video message to the USEA expressing her extreme gratitude. She said she didn’t feel deserving of such awards and is happy she can contribute to a sport that she loves so much. The crowd present at the banquet gave her a standing ovation.

Finally, USEA President Max Corcoran finished out the night by giving a USEA President’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Dougie Hannum. Dougie has spent countless years traveling to events all over the world to support and care for our equine athletes and has been an integral part of the high-performance teams. Max raised a Heineken to Dougie, who is well deserving of this award.

Congratulations to all of the award winners in 2021 – keep up the great work and Go Eventing!