Chelan Kozak–Golf Cart Racing and Show Jumping

Jennie’s CCI3* winning round

From Chelan:

So, apparently there was CCI3* show jumping going on today…

You wouldn’t know it because the REAL thing that everyone showed up to watch was the first annual golf cart races at Galway Downs. I am absolutely certain that the 3 star will continue next year and for many years after that. The golf cart races? Toss up! Frankly, I’m not sure that Robert has enough insurance for such activities. How that event wrapped up with no casualties or deaths I have no earthly idea.

What do you get when you take over a dozen type A competitive, fearless event riders, add blindfolded drivers in golf carts, and a track designed by Ian Stark? INTENSE CHAOS!! The video clearly speaks for itself. East vs West, and although our west coast team ‘won,’ Ian, the blindfolded DRIVER of the last West Coast cart actually crossed the finish line upside down in the cart of Marilyn Payne and Sandy Phillips. So, it was declared a draw. You’ll notice that those sissy dressage judges wore rain ponchos-HA!


Now, onto the show jumping.

Ali Slusher won the two star on Juicy Couture. Ali was clearly well warmed up by the golf cart races preceding the 2 star!

Then, in the 3 star there were 4 double clears- Casey McKissock (that’s her getting literally RUN OVER in a golf cart) never let it be said that eventers aren’t tough as nails. Frankie, who might have had the smoothest round of the day, Ali, who put the pressure on Jennie, and of course Jennie who was the overnight leader and ended up the leader on day 3. Other lovely rounds were Martha and Andrea. I also forgot to mention Kristin Bachman’s fabulous XC round yesterday.

One nail biter moment came at the CWD jump. Jennie’s horse tapped it and it jumped UP out of the cups and rested comfortably on top of the cup edge, as they sometimes do. It never fell down, so clear round it was.

Again, my heartfelt appreciation to Robert and the entire crew at Galway. What an incredible weekend!

Go (West Coast) Eventing.

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