Christmas Eve Links from Tipperary

It's that time of year when significant others learn that horse stuff is always appropriate for any gift giving occasion!

It’s that time of year when significant others learn that horse stuff is always appropriate for any gift-giving occasion!

This is it. It’s the zero hour. If you are the significant other of a horse person that managed to stumble across EN by checking out your horse person’s web history while they were out at the barn in an effort to figure out what to get them for the holidays, that’s a little creepy but totally understandable and you are in luck.

The New Year is right around the corner and with that a fresh competition season. Unless the horse-person you are shopping for is one of those ultra-prepared people with life memberships to every horse-related organization they’re a part of, you can undoubtedly get them something they will not only appreciate but use all year — a membership renewal!

Which membership you choose is up to you; USEA, USEF, your local associations or even a membership to school cross country at a local venue are all great options. Stop by the grocery store, grab a bag of carrots and a bottle of wine or vodka (AKA a horse show readiness kit) and a card. Print out membership forms for the organization, write a check to cover the yearly cost and pop that in the card. I promise it will earn you kisses under the mistletoe for sure.

Saturday Links: 

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Saturday Video: If you want to take your last minute gift to the next level, substitute homemade horse cookies for the carrots. Do not skip the adult beverage though.