Christmas Eve’s News and Notes from Ecogold

Good morning Eventing Nation!  It’s going to be Christmas in just a few hours…in Australia.  It’s just our luck that North America is one of Santa’s last stops on his incredible 24-hour trip westward across the globe.  You can track Santa’s progress with the help of our good friends at the North American Aerospace Defense Command aka NORAD, who work hard every day to keep our skies safe.  Once a year, NORAD works hard to track Santa.  Speaking of our friends at NORAD, I’d like to take the chance to thank all of the service men and women who are serving around the world during the holidays.

In contrast to the bustle at NORAD, things are relatively quiet here today at Eventing Nation.  We’ll start the day off now with our regular look at all the eventing news that’s fit to print and some that isn’t, and then we will be back later with a healthy bit of ridiculousness and possibly some news, but I highly doubt it.

A Scottish riding school has diversified into teaching sleigh driving.  So a school that teaches kids one of the least lucrative occupations on the planet is now offering to teach them something that I don’t think is even an occupation anymore.  Joking aside, it’s actually a decent idea to help the school stay busy through the winter…if there are people who want to take sleigh lessons.

3D3W has posted a Christmas wish list from Emma Ford, who manages Phillip’s barn.  Emma was kind enough to be the first person to ever tack up a horse for me, on a particularly busy day at PDutty’s a couple springs ago.  We wish Emma a very Merry Christmas and hopefully Santa will bring that sponsorship from Starbucks she asks for every year.

FLASHBACK: The holidays are a good chance to look back at how far eventing has come over the past couple of years.  For a bit of perspective, check out this article from Jimmy in early 2008 when our sport was truly in crisis, in the contexts of how much things have improved.

British dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer narrowly edged out William for British Equestrian Athlete of the Year. Both won individual silver at the WEGs, although William also went home with a gold medal around his neck. I’m just saying.

Don’t forget to track Santa.  Note: not all of the below video is actual live footage of Santa.

Stay classy Eventing Nation.


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