Christmas Reader

H&HChristmas with the Funnell (Pippa) Family , Christmas with Tina CookChristmas with Carl Hester (GBR Dressage)all I want for Christmas is “to start my life over again.”

NZB Gandalf Euthanized, Mark Todd Targeting WEGs and 2012: “Gandalf was Todd’s 2008 Hong Kong Olympic mount, and had recently suffered seizures which caused him to become blind in his right eye. He had become a danger to himself and his handlerss… Despite Gandalf’s untimely demise, Todd will continue his bid to represent New Zealand at London 2012 and has a strong team of horses behind him including…Todd is positive about the team’s prospects for 2010.

A humorous wish-list to Santa from the Chronicle.  For a humorous wish-list to Santa by Visionaire, published on EN 11 days ago… here.

How popular is your horse’s name in the UK?  From H&H: “NED holds more than a million horse records and according to the data, traditional equine monikers like Dobbin are losing out to names more typically given to children. The top 10 horse names in order of popularity are Rosie, Charlie, Molly, Jack, Murphy, Billy, Toby, Misty, Ben and Holly. All of them — except for Misty — also appear on the top 50 list of most popular baby names.”  Go eventing.
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