Clark Montgomery and Universe Score 51.7 at Bramham CIC3*

Clark Montgomery and Universe at Bramham. Photo by Samantha Clark for PRO. Clark Montgomery and Universe at Bramham. Photo by Samantha Clark for PRO.

Clark Montgomery and Universe did their CIC3* dressage test this afternoon at chilly, rainy Bramham, and unfortunately the atmosphere proved to be a lot for little Buzz to overcome. The horse struggles with tension in this phase, which didn’t help the score today. Thankfully, Bramham won’t be a dressage show. Clark and Buzz scored 51.7 for 15th place about two-thirds of the way through the division.

Samantha Clark wrote on PRO’s Facebook page: “The wind was not Buzz’s friend this afternoon in the muddy arena at Bramham Horse Trials, flapping the flags, whipping up the sides of tents, and generally adding to an already fairly loaded atmosphere. Massive props to Clark for riding with infinite tact and patience, and to the judges who scored him fairly, rewarding them for their accuracy and the many movements he did well; it was just a shame about the tension.”

Stay tuned to the PRO blog for much more from Bramham; Samantha is planning to interview Clark and Jess later today. American Liz Halliday-Sharp is riding Fernhill By Night in the CCI3* after re-routing from Saumur, and Canadian Shandiss McDonald is looking for a good go in the CIC3* division with Rockfield Grant Juan. Both riders do their dressage tomorrow afternoon.

William Fox-Pitt has a hefty lead on 31.5 in the CIC3* with Chilli Morning, who has won the CCI3* at this event for the past two years. Oliver Townend and Black Tie II are in second on 43.1, with Emily King and Mr. Hiho in third on 44.0. In the CCI3*, Karin Donckers and Lamicell Unique lead on 38.5, followed by Mark Todd and Amacuzzi in second on 41.2 and Aoife Clark and Fenyas Elegance on 45.4.

Bramham Links: [Website] [Times/Live Scores] [PRO Blog] [PRO Facebook Page]

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