Clip Art

A Kentucky Wildcat? My kind of clip!


It’s approaching wintertime (or deep in season, for those to the North) which means it’s necessary to de-robe your horse of his primitive yakness and alleviate overheating problems.  This ritual is known as body clipping…the process of creating a wholly- or partially-naked horse and thereby replacing that hair onto yourself, down your shirt and into every possible crevice.  Here’s a tip: don’t apply a thick layer of chapstick just before you start.  Thppt thhhppt!


Of course, practical body clipping has evolved into an intricate art of expression.  Why not have fun with it?  Just remember: you can always take hair off, but you can’t put it back on! 


Some loyal EN readers have sent us photos of their latest work.  Feel free to share yours at [email protected]



Charlotte Weisberg.jpg

Jacquelyn Wiley.JPG

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Julie Poveromo trouble.JPG

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