Collegiate Eventers Show Their Spirit at Intercollegiate Team Challenge

College teams represent at Poplar Place. Photo by Bethany Beres. College teams represent at Poplar Place. Photo by Bethany Beres.

This past weekend, the fourth annual intercollegiate team challenge took place at Poplar Place Farm in Hamilton, GA.

College eventers from the University of Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, the University of Kentucky, the University of South Carolina Aiken, the University of North Georgia, Columbus State University, and the University of Alabama were present.

Despite a wet cross country day on Sunday, the weekend was a thrilling success for college eventing. College flags and team colors were seen all over the showgrounds. Riders from different teams could be spotted mingling and giving each other support all through the weekend.

Eventing may be the only college sport where athletes from opposing universities come together to support the same goal – helping college eventing grow!

Amongst the good spirits, there was still plenty of competitive riding going on! Saturday was a perfect fall day filled with dressage and show jumping.

Kaitlyn Ruff and Shadowfax. Photo by Bethany Beres.

Kaitlyn Ruff and Shadowfax. Photo by Bethany Beres.

College riders were in the top scores of every division. Sunday, cross country day, was the day of the monsoon. Conditions were less than ideal, but college riders showed their dedication to the sport and persevered through the wind and rain. The weekend ended with many college riders ribboning and new friendships formed.

Final Team Scores

1st – USC Aiken (Nicole Wisniewski, Manon Quilodran, Brendan Quinn)

2nd – Auburn (Sara Ann Thornley, Sallie Johnson, Caroline Rickard, Kristen Horn)

3rd – CSU/Auburn (Maggie Baker, Erin Chalmers, Megan Walker, Aubrey Wagner)

4th – UGA Red Team (Kaitlyn Ruff, Kelly Boltz, Devon Olivier, Katie Harivel)

5th – Clemson (Samantha Messamer, Sarah Pyne, Elizabeth Donohue)

6th – UGA Black Team (Emily Cardin, Emily Cox, Whitney Rowell, Whitney Granberry)

7th – UGA Silver/Alabama (Kendall Lee, Ava Mohiuddin, Heather DiGregorio, Megan Majchszak)

8th – UGA White Team (Johannah Crumpton, Libby Head, Sarah Beth Hood)

9th – UKDET/UNG (Hailey McLaughlin, Cady Solomon, Frances Helen Chapman)

Individual College Rider Results

1st – Sallie Johnson (Auburn)

2nd – Brendan Quinn (USC Aiken)

3rd – Sarah Pyne (Clemson)

4th – Nicole Wisniewski (USC Aiken)

5th – Maggie Baker (CSU)

6th – Kaitlyn Ruff (UGA)