Congratulations, Anneke and Wodie!

Beth Obermeyer sent in some really cute photos and a video of her 12-year-old daughter, Anneke, winning her first two beginner novice events at Coconino Summer I and II Horse Trials. Beth and Anneke are new to eventing, and it looks like the wonderful community of eventers in Arizona have made these two feel welcome to the sport. Go Anneke and Wodie! Remember to send reader submissions to [email protected].

Anneke and Wodie. Photo by Lizzie Bee Photography.

From Beth:

My 12-year-old daughter just completed her first two horse trials at Coconino Horse Trials I & II in junior beginner novice on her new appendix, Wodie. They’ve been together six months under the training of Alice Sarno. The competition was full of tremendous riders in the junior class, so we were literally SHOCKED when she won first place in both horse trials! We are still very new to eventing, but have met the most amazing people and feel so blessed.

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