Contest Poll: Thanksgiving Selfies Presented By Tredstep Ireland

Azzura breeches from the Tredstep Ireland Symphony Collection

In the spirit of thankfulness, we asked you to send in selfies with you and your horse for the Thanksgiving Selfies Contest Presented by Tredstep Ireland. You flooded our inbox with ridiculous photos, proving once again that EN readers fully understand the concept of insanity in the middle. From photobombs to duck face to just straight up weird, you all fully embraced the concept of this contest. Bravo! Even the horses got into the spirit of the contest, as you’ll see in the top 10 photos we picked.

As a reminder of what’s up for grabs, our awesome sponsor Tredstep Ireland is generously giving away three pairs of breeches from the amazing Symphony Collection. The reader receiving the most votes will win a pair of Argenta breeches; the reader with the second-most votes will win a pair of Azzura breeches; and the reader with the third-most votes will win a pair of Rosa breeches. Click here to read all about Tredstep’s Symphony collection. And go vote below! The poll closes at noon EST tomorrow.

1. Kaity Proctor

2. Amber Moll

3. Morgan Hancock

4. Erin Murray

5. Rachel Bisaillon

6. Helen Brew

7. Emily Peairs


8. Madison Nichter

9. Molly Delaney

10. Miranda Akins


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