Contest Winners: Thanksgiving Selfies Presented By Tredstep Ireland

The winning photo from Helen Brew!

The votes have been counted in the Thanksgiving Selfies Contest Presented by Tredstep Ireland! After battling it out in the polls, we have three clear winners. Congrats to Helen Brew, Erin Murray and Molly Delaney! All three will win pairs of breeches from Tredstep Ireland’s Symphony collection thanks to their awesome selfies. Helen wins a pair of Argenta breeches; Erin wins a pair of Azzura breeches; and Molly wins a pair of Rosa breeches. Ladies, please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all the readers who submitted photos and voted in the poll! Go Tredstep Ireland!

Argenta: The combination of Tredstep’s Motion Fit design with the world leading Schoeller Prestige fabrics defines a new standard in high performance breeches.The Symphony Argenta knee patch breech is a master class in balancing design for performance with classic tailoring to ensure that the rider is dressed to perform at the highest level. A range of key note design features are brought together in classical harmony which allow the rider to feel, sense and respond to the movement of the horse at all times.

Azzura: Tredstep’s Motion Fit design combined with Tredstep Evolution fabric results in a range of high performance breeches which are dynamic yet traditional, stylish and beautiful.The Symphony Azzura presents the latest technologically advanced materials in the form of silicone which is integrated into the knee patch. This provides an enhanced grip and shields from saddle friction while increasing flexibility and movement in the knee area.

Rosa: Tredstep’s Classic Motion Fit design combined with Tredstep Evolution fabric redefines traditional standards resulting in a range of beautifully balanced, classically styled high performance breeches which are in-tune with the movement of the horse and rider. Individual design elements combine to ensure the rider is always dressed to perform with confidence and style.

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