Contest Winners: Wrap Your Horse’s Legs Presented by Hamilton BioVet

EN loves STAYONS! Photo via Hamilton BioVet website.

EN loves STAYONS! Photo via Hamilton BioVet website.

We challenged you to break out the Christmas decorations for our Wrap Your Horse’s Legs Contest Presented by Hamilton BioVet. You all sent in some really creative entries, and we picked our favorite three. Congrats to Polly Merrill, Brooke Durham and Aimee Longhurst! You all win a prize pack from our awesome EN sponsor Hamilton BioVet with the following goodies:

STAYONS Instant Poultice Leg Wrap – Clay + Epsom Salt (pack of 4)
STAYONS Knee or Hock Wrap Support
STAYONS Hoof Wrap – Epsom (pack of 2)
STAYONS Hoof Wrap – Clay/Epsom (pack of 2)
STAYONS Hoof Wrap – Bran/Epsom (pack of 2)
STAYONS Poultice Boot

We love that Polly already uses and loves STAYONS, the revolutionary poultice wraps that make post cross-country care a breeze. STAYONS are a super addition to any first-aid kit, and they’re even more affordable right now thanks to Hamilton BioVet offering free shipping on all products through the end of December with the code ENFREE. Go here to check out STAYONS. Go Hamilton BioVet!


Winner #1: Polly Merrill

“This is my friend River Bend Lucille, better known as Lulu. She is 9.2 hands of gentle sweetness. She and her brother RB Percival were part of a science experiment gone very wrong. 150 of their relatives were being infected with EIA by a “veterinarian” who had the gallant idea he would cure the world of Equine Infectious Anemia. Thankfully, the Animal Rescue League of Boston was able to save 68 of these dear souls, and I have two of them! They came with body scales of (1), unimaginable internal parasite loads, lice, white line, rain rot.

“They are happy, healthy little monkeys now, but clearly Hamilton BioVet does not make suitable poultice wraps for horses whose legs are a mere 18 inches from floor to elbow! Lulu and Percy are very happy, spending their winter in Aiken. They are responsible for keeping their big OTTB friend, Matty, company. If Lulu wins the contest, she promised to give the poultices to Matty. They fit him better. We do LOVE these wraps. We used them after Millbrook in August, and Matty was extremely pleased with how his legs felt. Thanks to Hamilton Biovet for a fabulous invention and product! Merry Christmas!”


Winner #2: Brooke Durham

“Cozzy is a 2-year-old rescue mini who is aspiring to be a child’s event horse! He tolerated our sparkle garland, bows and even battery-operated Christmas lights quite well; we were impressed! Cozzy hails from Muddy Ruts Farm, owned and operated by Judi and Bill Wilson (parents of Abigail Wilson)!”


Winner #3: Aimee Longhurst

“This is Tankhouse (Dundee) showing off his classy Christmas get-up.”


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