Corgis to be Added to UK’s Vulnerable Native Breeds List

Team DF's resident Corgi, Dylan. From Dragonfire Farm's Instagram.

Dogs are an omnipresent part of equestrian culture. Most barns have at least one or two dogs, and they’re always there to great you with a loud “ROO-ROO-ROO” when you arrive. Even if you don’t consider yourself a dog person, it’s hard to turn away one of the barn dogs when they come seeking love. Great barn dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most iconic barn dog breeds is surely the Corgi.

Despite the small stature, Corgis are kind of a big deal; just ask any Corgi you meet. Queen Elizabeth is known to be a fan of the breed, having owned several over the years, and the internet is full of adorable Corgi pictures and memes. This popularity makes the news I have for you all the more shocking.

The British Kennel Club reports that only 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis were registered in 2013.  This means the breed is on the way to being placed on the Vulnerable Native Breeds list in the UK. The decline is thought to stem from a 2007 ban on tail docking, as some breeders have moved away from the breed. Pair this with a surge in popularity for other small dog breeds in the UK and you can see how something like this might have happened.

I asked Dragonfire’s resident Corgi, Dylan, for his thoughts on the matter. He promptly flopped over and insisted on belly rubs.

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