Cosby Green is Getting Comfortable Out of Her Comfort Zone after Overseas Move

Cosby Green and Copper Beach.

There is an old adage that “change begins at the end of your comfort zone” — and 22-year-old Cosby Green is one rider testing this to the limit.

Always hugely ambitious, the Lexington native admits that she had become a little complacent in the pursuit of her dreams following her graduation from the University of Kentucky in December 2022, despite it always being her aim to experience life at a yard overseas before she had too many ties to prevent her doing so. Thank goodness for “the most supportive mum, ever,” then, who continued to remind her of this plan until she did something about it.

“Moving over to England has always been on my bucket list, however, as I got older I realised how difficult it would be to drop everything and leave,” she explains.

But: “My mom always told me to make sure I cut out time to go to England and that I needed to start making plans and arrangements. I was a little less than a month away from graduating college when I realised I should probably sort out my future. I woke up one day and decided to go to England, because there is no better time to do something than now! I wanted to go and learn how someone else did it before I set out on my own, so I still had a clean slate and open mind to go off of,” Cosby says, with wisdom beyond her years.

Photo courtesy of Cosby Green.

Following this potentially life-changing decision, Cobsy wasted no time in taking action, emailing none other than the current FEI World number 1 and 2, Tim and Jonelle Price. Despite having no previous connections to the Prices, Cosby soon found herself making plans to make the biggest move of her life, to relocate from the East Coast of America to the South Coast of England. As Cosby notes, the timing could not have been better: Team Price had just announced their move to Chedington Equestrian when she sent her email, meaning there would be plenty of space for Cosby and her horses.

So with no further ado, and with the help of those closest to her, Cosby began making preparations for her big move. She is, of course, incredibly grateful to them for helping the move go so seamlessly: “I am so fortunate that my family and the immediate team around me are so supportive, making the transition over to England possible in the first place!”

Speaking just a few weeks after she arrived on British soil earlier in March, Cosby says that when she first set eyes on her new base, she was blown away: “Chedington Equestrian is just absolutely amazing. It’s located in Dorset, which has some of the most beautiful countryside, and the facility itself has been designed with such thought and detail that it makes it very functional to work out of. Everything is of the highest standard and quality, which I believe promotes success; the training facilities have everything you could ever need and dream of!”

Cosby has her own space in Chris Burton’s yard, with her own tack room and stalls, although the Prices and the other riders who are based there all share the same training facilities, including outdoor and indoor arenas. She is particularly grateful for the latter, having realised that for all the Dorset coast may be beautiful, the weather there, at this time of year, is most definitely not!


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She is not homesick (yet), and says the Prices and everyone else at the yard have been nothing other than ‘amazing,’ already treating her as one of the team, and taking time out of their busy schedules to check in on her and make sure she is settling in well.

“Tim and Jonelle are both truly such kind people,” she enthuses. “They have already taken me under their wing, and helped me to navigate the transition. Being able to watch them ride every day feels like such a privilege as their skill, technique, and discipline are, well… the best in the world! Riding alongside so many skilled riders every day has already helped me to hold myself to a higher standard. While they are thorough and disciplined with their training, their genuinely kind and lighthearted attitudes lead to an amazing yard environment, which makes for happy horses, and that is the most important thing in my opinion.”

So far, so good, then — and this of course extends to her first impression of the infamous Price children, Otis and Abel, another vital part of the team set up: “I don’t know [them] very well yet, but anytime they pop into the yard, it’s hard not to smile – they are too cute!”

In moving to Chedington, Cosby is actually fulfilling a childhood dream, revealing that the Prices have always been her idols. Indeed, she says that Jonelle, in particular is “the person she has always wanted to be.” She continues: “she has always been an inspiration to me, and being up close watching her and all the things that she balances and excels at is truly inspiring. She makes things happen that may not seem possible otherwise. She is a force of nature, and whenever I am around her, she makes me want to be the best version of myself.” Of Tim, she says “he is so laidback, but so obviously talented,” speaking with admiration of his riding and harmony with his horses.

Taking in the epic views! Photo courtesy of Cosby Green.

“I feel so lucky that they are spending time on someone like me; a relative nobody on the world stage, unlike them,” Cosby says — but ‘nobody,’ she most definitely is not. Not only has she had countless Young Rider and intercollegiate successes including becoming the CCI3*L National Young Rider Reserve Champion 2021, Advanced Intercollegiate Champion and overall second-ranked USEF Advanced Young Adult in 2021, but she was also been named on the Emerging Athletes Eventing 25 List for 2023, too. Rising star is perhaps a better term to describe this talented and focussed young rider.

Having previously trained with Maggie Wright, who took her ‘all the way from posting trot to 3*’ and Allie Knowles, Cosby is excited to glean a new perspective from the Prices and her time at another yard, with the intention being to eventually set up her own yard back home in the States.

“I want to help to get the USA on the world stage,” she says of her long term goals, and her move to Chedington is all part of this plan — to bring new training methods to the US team, and hopefully help to establish herself as a rider on the senior teams.

Despite such ambitions – the Olympics are her ultimate goal – Cosby says it is still the day to day that motivates her most, producing horses well, and consistently. On that note, she has big plans for her own horses while she is over here: although her string may be small, it is mighty, and Cosby is actually on the look out for some younger horses to add to her team, and asks anyone with a potential superstar, to get in touch.

Headlining those that are with her at Chedington is the previous 5* ride Buck Davidson ride, Copper Beach, who she hopes to contest her first 5* with this year, and she also brings Highly Suspicious and Jos UFO de Quidam. She considers the latter, owned by Heather Jane Morris, to be one of the best horses she has ever ridden, despite his relative inexperience.

Photo courtesy of Cosby Green.

“I have been fortunate to have the ride on him for about a year now, and we have really become best friends, although it took him a bit to get him on side! Now that he is, he makes me feel unstoppable – he is such a talent, one of my favourite horses to ride, and he hasn’t even tapped into his full potential yet. He has scope and endurance and tries his heart out in everything he does, and I’m so excited to get him out and show everyone how special he is.”

Cosby’s enthusiasm has not gone unrewarded either; recently she was given the opportunity to dip her toe into the UK competition scene already thanks to a catch ride on Jo Pidduck’s Cooley Seeing Magic at Moreton .

“I had so much fun,” she beams. “The mud was daunting to me, but thankfully my steed wasn’t as fazed as I was! It was weird to be at a show without my normal people or anyone I knew, but there was the same sense of community and friendly eventing culture.”

That wasn’t the only similarity that helped to make Cosby feel at home: “I was ecstatic to see there was a crepe stand,” she laughs. “It reminded me of the crepes at the shows in Ocala, Florida so it felt like a bit of home… they were amazing quality, and a little too good!” (Is there such a thing…?!)

Sadly, Cosby’s debut run on Jos UFO de Quidam in the Intermediate at Cirencester Park at the end of March fell foul to the weather, but hopefully it won’t be too long before she leaves the start box again, in hot pursuit of her dreams.

Cosby Green is certainly one to watch and Eventing Nation will be following her progress throughout the season, so keep your eyes peeled for regular updates as she expands her horizons and begins to make her mark on the world stage.

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