Creative Ways to Use Your Helmet Other Than Wearing it on Your Head

It’s International Helmet Awareness Day! Launched in 2010 by Riders4Helmets, International Helmet Awareness Day was created to educate riders on the importance of wearing a well-fitting and properly secured helmet every ride, every time.

It’s also a day when retailers all over the world offer discounts on helmets, so if you know you’re due for a new brain bucket, take advantage of the deals that are out there! If there is one riding accessory you should never skimp on, it’s your crash hat.

Minding your melon is the essential function of a good helmet, but our creative friends at SmartPak (who are offering 20% off helmets today only!) came up with some other ways your helmet might be useful. This video is from a few years ago, but the message still applies. Your helmet is not just a skid lid, it’s also a barn purse, a flower pot and… a bottle opener?

Whatever other ways you choose to use your helmet, just make sure you never go riding without one. We like you. And your noggin.