Cross Country Returns to Chase Creek at Mustang Powder H.T.

Trish Bosch has been keeping us updated with Mustang Powder Horse Trials, the first event held at British Columbia’s Chase Creek in 10 years. While she jump judged, Trish sent her husband Jeff around with a camera to take photos and videos. Many thanks to Trish and Jeff for giving us a great summary of cross-country day. Click here for Trish’s first report and here for final scores. Go Canadian Eventing!

Rachel Spencer and Buffalo Bill at Mustang Powder Horse Trials. Photo by Jeff Bosch.

Sophie Click and Hot Wheels at Mustang Powder Horse Trials. Photo by Jeff Bosch.

From Trish:

The overnight showers presented new challenges to the already tough lines set by Nick Holmes-Smith and crew. The persistent rain let up briefly for the Prelim/CCI division, and the footing, although slick in spots, was overall improved from the previous day when it felt slightly firm. The ground jury decided to move one of the fences with a steep incline from the green numbers, undoubtedly much to relief of at least some of the riders.

Unfortunately, the course rode a bit like a one-star version of Badminton, with less than half the field completing. Fences early on course contributed to retirements and eliminations.

In true Chase Creek fashion, the Training course looked and rode a tad like the Training Olympics, which I am certain was not the intent of the of the course designer. The amazing group of volunteers braved the cold and rain through to completion, and, despite some broken hearts, everyone returned safe and sound, and the medic crew had an uneventful day.

Competitors and supporters enjoyed a lovely dinner and dance in style as the day came to a close.

Mustang Powder Links: [Website] [Final Scores] [Training Course Preview]

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