Dan vs Charisma: Too Close to Call…Yet

The Bracket Battle finals between Winsome Adante and Charisma has been a back and forth ‘horse race’ from the beginning.  It seems that US readers slightly prefer Dan, who picks up votes during the day in the US.  But Charisma comes charging back at night in the US when it’s daytime in the rest of the World and our international readers are visiting EN in full force.  

We will leave the voting open until 6:00 PM EST on Friday (11:00 PM GMT I believe) to give as many people the chance to vote as possible.  Tell your friends, call your family, tweet about it, borrow your neighbor’s computer, do whatever you can to help your horse win.  We don’t have a trophy for the winner, but, after tomorrow, either Dan or Podge will be able to add yet another honor to their long list of awards, and this honor will be a ‘fan’s choice’ award.  Go eventing.
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