Danica Moore and Dunlavin’s Token Win Poplar Place CCI**

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With a double-clear show jumping round, Danica Moore and Dunlavin’s Token win the CCI2* at Poplar Place.  Danica withdrew from the muddy Fair Hill CCI2*, where she was in 55th place after dressage.  This obviously worked out well for Danica and the other riders who pulled from FHI and entered Poplar Place because the weather was excellent this weekend in Georgia.  The three CCI2* jog spins seems a little high for an eventing field of 23 horses, but perhaps this is just a statistical outlier or maybe increased sensitivity by the ground-jury that a source mentioned to us from Galway.  Also of note, Kelli Temple had a strong CCI2*, with three horses in the top seven.  Go eventing.
Great job to Coree Reuter of the Chronicle for a full weekend of coverage.  I’m glad to see that the chronicle is committed to providing current coverage on their new website, especially because this gives us more content to link to.  We get visits every weekday from the COTH headquarters IP address, and we appreciate having them as members of Eventing Nation.


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