Day Two at Luhmühlen: Live Updates from CCI5* Dressage

Photo by Thomas Ix, courtesy of Luhmühlen.

We’re into the second and final day of dressage at Longines Luhmühlen Horse Trials, where we’ll see the final bunch of CCI5* riders this afternoon (if you’re in Germany) to close out the first phase of competition. This morning, we saw Great Britain’s Mollie Summerland and Charly van ter Heiden (also former 5* winners here) take the CCI4*-S lead on a score of 24.8. You can watch their test on the Horse & Country replay here.

Leading after yesterday’s competition in the 5* are Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street on a score of 23.1. Will anyone topple them from the top of the leaderboard – we’ll have to wait and see!

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We’ll be kicking off with the first competitor – Great Britain’s Will Rawlin and The Partner – at 1:45pm local time – that’s 7:45am EDT / 12:45pm.

If you’re following the US contingent, the first from the American camp today will be Tamie Smith with Solaguayre California at 8:52am EDT / 1:52pm BST. They’re the last combination before the coffee break.

Other Americans going today are Matthew Flynn and Wizzerd at 9:30am EDT / 2:30pm BST, and Boyd Martin will be closing the two days of dressage with Luke 140 at 10:42am EDT / 3:42pm BST.

In this session we have the World Champion, Great Britain’s Yaz Ingham, who comes forward with Rehy DJ at 9:37am EDT / 2:37 BST; Olympic team gold medal and Badminton 2022 winners Laura Collett and London 52 go at 10:07am EDT / 3:07pm BST, and last year’s Luhmuhlen champs Felix Vogg and Colero will be getting their 2023 campaign underway at 10am EST / 3pm BST.

Wow! What a dressage day we have in store for us!

Who will be leading the field as we go into cross country tomorrow? We can’t wait to see! Keep this live thread bookmarked and refreshed, and watch this space!

Want to follow along with the form of all the horses and riders cantering down the center line for the 5* this afternoon? Check out EN’s Form Guide for all the inside info and keep it locked onto EN for all the news from lovely Luhmuhlen – you’ll find all our coverage here. Don’t forget to follow @goeventing to see what Tilly’s sharing from Germany!

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10:30 And that’s a wrap!

That brings us to the end of the 5* dressage at Luhmuhlen Horse Trials. What a day! What a two days! Wow!

It’s a British 1, 2, 3 on the leaderboard going into the cross country.
In the lead is Laura Collett with London 52 on 20.3.
Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street are second on 23.1.
Kitty King and Vendredi Biats are third on 26.8.

The best of the Americans is Boyd Martin with Luke 140 – they’re in 9th on 30.1

Will they stay there? How much shuffling will take place? It’s all to play for at Luhmuhlen!

Thanks to everyone who’s followed along – it’s been a blast!

If you’re reading this after the event, scroll to the bottom and read up!

We’ll be back with live updates from the cross country tomorrow at around 9:15am local time – that’s 3:15am EDT / 8:15am BST. Keep it locked onto EN for the full dressage report – coming soon!

Go eventing!

10:27 Boyd Martin and Luke 140 score 30.6.

10:26 There’s been a lot to like in this test. There’s a good pat for Luke who looks pleased with himself. A clear round.

10:25 Luke’s showing off a lovely big canter in the extended and Boyd rides forward bravely. The changes are clean. It’s so impressive how they’ve managed to put the couple of little blips firmly behind them very quickly.

10:24 Luke’s very vocal at the beginning of the walk work – perhaps he spotted his mate Thomas. He walks on nicely after that though – a bit of tension but not too much.

10:23 Oh dear, there’s a break in the trot but Boyd gets Luke back quickly and they continue as though nothing happened – very professional.

10:22 We’re expecting sub-30 in this phase…

10:21 And finally, last but most certainly not least, we have the USA’s Boyd Martin and Luke 140 wrapping up the dressage phase.

Hot form! 🌶️ Boyd won the 2*-L, 3*-L and 4*-S at Bromont a couple weeks ago!

‘Luke’ has been to Luhmuhlen before – in the 1* with Malin Peterson in 2018. He was 2nd that year, completing on a very impressive 25.9.

5* first timer! Luke, not Boyd…!

10:20 Oliver Townend and Swallow Springs score 31.7.

10:19 Oliver’s done a great job recovering from the problems in the walk. The canter is much better and the final halt is square.

10:18 Things look more settled now they’re cantering. Oliver’s brave in the canter across the diagonal and the following change is clean.

10:17 There’s some tension going on today for Swallow Springs. A brief halt at C and a hurried rein back. The excitement’s really coming out in the walk. Oliver will be glad to get into canter.

10:16 Ooo, Swallow Springs shuffles off the center line in the halt. He’s off into his trot work now though and looking to be listening to Oliver and producing some lovely movement.

10:15 Swallow Springs has pulled out some very smart dressage tests. Regularly in the low 20s – they scored 23.2 at Badminton in this phase – this could be one fighting for a place at the top of the leaderboard.

10:14 Our penultimate combination is Great Britain’s Oliver Townend with the former Andrew Nicholson ride Swallow Springs.

Swallow Springs has been 5th (with Andrew Nicholson) and 3rd (with Oliver) at 5* – will he improve on that in Luhmuhlen?

Family connection – Oliver’s Dad also competed in eventing.

10:13 And it’s into the lead for Laura Collett and London 52 with a score of 20.3!

10:12 A great test and a huge cheer from the crowd. Laura’s delighted.

10:11 A brave extended canter and Dan very clearly comes back and delivers a brilliant change. This is truly lovely to watch – so expressive and accurate. They create a very happy picture of a horse and rider working together as one.

10:10 They’re trending sub-20.

10:09 That’s got to be a great score for the extended. Another square halt at C and a very accurate rein back. The walk is nice but Dan could take his neck out a little – Laura’s encouraging him and he’s listening.

10:08 Of course Dan starts with a beautiful square halt. He’s flicking his toes in the trot and they’re creating a lovely picture.

10:07 They won the 4*-S at Bicton a couple of weeks ago with a 19.8 in the first phase. They posted a 19.3 in the dressage at the World Championships in Pratoni. Will it be sub-20 today? All eyes on Laura and London!

10:06 Olympic team gold medalist, Great Britain’s Laura Collett comes forward next with Badminton 2022 winner London 52.

Royal approval! 👑 Laura was awarded an MBE from the Queen of England for her services to equestrianism.

In the barn… London 52 is known as ‘Dan’.

Laura was unable to defend her Badminton title when Dan picked up a slight injury in the lead-up so we’re super happy to see him here at Luhmuhlen.

Tough cookie! 🍪 In 2013 Laura had a terrible fall which left her in a coma for a week and caused her to lose the sight in one eye. 7 weeks later she won her first class back.

10:05 Felix Vogg and Colero score 33.3.

10:04 So many positives and highlights but quite a few wobbles today. Colero jogs off after the halt. He’s clearly very fit and excited for the competition.

10:02 There’s a lot of wriggle going on in the walk. Felix is brave in the canter across the diagonal but pays for it in the corner. Colero’s very perky today. There are beautiful movements but you can feel the bubbling excitement underneath.

10:01 Colero clearly knows he’s a good looking lad – he’s totally showing off. There’s definitely some fizzle going on, but Felix is doing a great job of keeping it under wraps. Lots of expression in the extended but a bit of a tense moment in the rein back. Colero’s fit and ready to run cross country.

10:00 Colero is a truly beautiful horse – so impressive and expressive – a total joy to watch.

9:59 Colero is very capable of pulling out a competitive score in this first phase. Last year, they finished on their dressage of 29 to win, but they’ve scored as low as 21.7 at 3* and posted 24.2 at Pau last year.

9:58 Next, for Switzerland, it’s Olympian and last year’s winners Felix Vogg and Colero.

Top class treat! This pairing have competed at the World Championships and the Olympics.

Felix was actually born in Germany. His main mentor is Michael Jung, but he also works closely with Bettina Hoy on his dressage – so we’ll be watching for some of that German brilliance shining through in this phase.

Hot form! 🥇 Felix and Colero won here last year – on Felix’s birthday 🎂 – will they hold onto their title?

9:57 Jerome Robine and Black Ice score 30.1.

9:56 The start of this test was truly lovely, but things got a bit tense in the middle. Black Ice settles towards the end though and they end in a square halt. Jerome really rode well. There’s a big cheer from his home crowd.

9:55 A very positive ride in the medium canter results in a bit of bother in the corner. Black Ice is a little lit up but Jerome pushes for the extended canter and they get the change this time.

9:53 There’s a lot of expression in the extended and medium trot. He’s very secure in the halt at C. There’s a bit of a break in the rhythm of the walk but Black Ice looks relaxed enough until he starts anticipating the canter transition.

9:52 Black Ice and Jerome look very smart as they canter up the center line. They’re very positive and punchy in the early trot work.

9:51 We’re looking at a mid to high-20s score here – add to that the fact that, with Jerome, the gelding’s never had a cross country jumping penalty and this could be one to watch.

9:50 Now we have German rider Jerome Robine with Black Ice.

Rookie alert! It’s a first-time 5* for both Jerome and Black Ice.

They came to Luhmuhlen for the 4*-S (The German National Championship) last year and finished 5th, winning the U25 title. 🥇

9:49 Cedric Lyard and Unum de’Or score 35.

9:48 There’s not a whole lot of stretch in the canter circle, but everything’s accurate. Overall not the most expressive test, but very clean and safe on the whole.

9:47 The canter’s a bit conservative but Cedric’s being very clever in his riding – both changes have been very clean.

9:46 The halt at C is brief and the rein back is a bit wobbly. There’s a spook in the corner. Cedric’s working hard to encourage the gelding to relax in the walk.

9:45 Unum de’Or’s trotting out nicely and everything looks balanced and strong. He’s a lovely big rangy horse.

9:44 They’ve been as low as 31.6 at 5* – that came at Pau in 2021, the horse’s first time at the level. It was a 33.6 at Burghley last year. What will it be at Luhmuhlen?

9:43 It’s the turn of French rider Cedric Lyard next, riding Unum de’Or.

Medal alert! Cedric won a team silver medal at the World Championships in 2002 and was part of the Olympic gold medal winning French team in 2004. 🥇🥈

In another life… Cedric would love to have been a rock and roll singer! 🧑‍🎤🤘🎸 Will he be on song here today?

9:42 Yasmin Ingham and Rehy DJ score 27.5 and go into 3rd.

9:41 They finish up with a lovely square halt and Piglet gets a big pat from Yaz.

9:40 Piglet anticipates the canter a bit but he settles once he gets going. Yaz is riding really positively and accurately – her bravery is impressive.

9:39 A square halt but then they lost the diagonal pairs a bit in the rein back. The walk’s nice and Piglet’s showing a good overtrack.

9:38 Piglet is looking absolutely beautiful. What a lovely partnership this pair have – they create a very pleasing picture.

9:37 Generally this pair are mid-20s to low-30s in this phase. They scored 28.7 at Pau in 2020, the gelding’s only other 5* run. They’ve been as low as 23.7 at 4*.

9:36 World Champion Yasmin Ingham will be next to come forward for Great Britain with Rehy DJ.

Yas was just 25 when she became World Champion with Banzai du Loir. 🏆

In the barn… Rehy DJ is affectionately known as piglet. 🐷

Cute story! When she was a kiddo, Yas would build show jumping courses and then jump round them on foot. Maybe that’s why she was so good at hurdles and high jump at school!

Eventing idol… Yas was offered the ride on Imperial Cavalier when he retired from top level eventing. The gelding had won Olympic silver and World gold with Mary King.

Top trivia! Yas was the youngest ever podium place of Kentucky 5*.

9:35 Matthew Flynn and Wizzerd score 34.2.

9:34 A few tense moments, Matt will be breathing a sigh of relief. Wizzerd looks happy with himself though.

9:33 The tension continues in the canter work but Matt’s doing a great job of sitting quiet and not panicking. Wizzerd’s chomping at the bit – he wants to go cross country… now!

9:32 A good rein back but an extra step. There’s a bit of tension in the walk which is affecting the rhythm a bit. And now the tension’s bubbled over in the transition to canter. He’s back with Matt quickly though.

9:30 So far, so good for Wizzerd. He’s working accurately and is in balance. There’s a bit of tail swishing going on, but overall this is an attractive test thus far.

9:29 Typically in this phase they’re low to mid-30s, but they’ve squeaked sub-30 a few times – will this be one of those times?

9:28 Coming into the dressage arena next, we have Matthew Flynn and Wizzerd for the USA.

Wizzerd is the first horse that Matt’s kept long enough to compete at 5*.

Matt’s trained with Karen and David O’Connor, Phillip Dutton and Mara DuPuy.

Will Wizzerd work some magic in the ring today? 🪄

9:22 News… New Zealand’s Tim Price has withdrawn Happy Boy. Happy Boy didn’t feel 100% so Tim’s decided not to go here.

9:20 Bill Levett and Hubertus AC score 30.1.

9:19 Bill offers the rein in the stretch circle and Bart does take it but could have done a bit more with it. He struggles to come back to trot for a few strides, but a square halt to finish. All good for Bart overall – accurate and clean.

9:18 Bill’s really brave in the medium canter and there’s a clean change following. Another brave attempt from Bill in the extended canter followed by another clean change. A clear round so far for Bart.

9:17 The extended trot is lovely and Bart does a square halt and clean rein back. Bill has to kick a little to get Bart going in the walk but surely that’s preferable to trying to keep a lid on it!

9:16 A lovely square halt to start. Bart looks happy in his work and everything’s balanced and clean in the trot work.

9:15 Bart’s scores can be a bit inconsistent in this phase – from the very low-30s to the very low-40s. At Badminton he posted a 32.5. What will it be here?

9:14 Here’s a name eventing fans will be familiar with – Australia’s Bill Levett is getting us back underway with Huberthus AC.

At 60, Bill’s one of the most experienced riders in the field and is a double World Championships rider.

Bill and ‘Bart’ have re-routed from Badminton – the horse’s first 5* – where they retired on course. Before starting out, Bill’s intention was to see how this young horse coped with the difficult ground conditions at Badminton and pull up if he wasn’t happy.

8:59 No change at the top of the leaderboard as we go into coffee break. We’ll be back with the action at 9:15 am EDT / 2:15pm BST when Australia’s Bill Levett will take to the arena with Hubertus AC.

8:58 Tamie Smith and Solaguayre California score 31.9 and go into 9th place.

8:57 This test has really been lovely. Just a couple of blips in the changes, but it’s good to have something to work on. The tension crept in a bit as the test went on, but it started brilliantly and Tammy, of course, did a great job on a relatively inexperienced horse.

8:56 Whoops, a bit of a short change. But Tammy’s brave in the extended.

8:55 The walk is expressive and active and the mare is obedient and relaxed. A clean strike off gets them going into the canter work.

8:54 There’s such balance and cadence in the trot work. It really is a picture. Very clear steps in the rein back.

8:53 A beautiful halt to begin – Tammy’s off to a great start!

8:52 There’s a very good chance that we’ll see a sub-30 test here. They scored 25.2 last time out in Mill Spring a few weeks ago.

8:51 Newly-crowned Kentucky champion and World No 5, the USA’s Tamie Smith comes forward as our last competitor before the coffee break with Solaguayre California.

5* first-timer! Solaguayre California’s following in Mai Baum’s hoofprints as she makes her debut at the top level.

Trivia time! Tamie’s Starucks order is hot chocolate. Yum! ☕

It’s all in the genes… Tamie’s daughter, Kawlawna Smith-Cook, is also competes in eventing.

8:50 Emma Brussau and Dark Desire score 32.9.

8:49 A lovely halt to finish but Dark Desire’s still looking round. Lots of pats for the mare.

8:48 Dark Desire’s a bit spooky but Emma’s doing a good job of reassuring her. The next change is clean and the stretch circle is nice, but then there’s a spook across the arena.

8:47 A lovely square halt is followed by clean steps in the rein back. Emma’s working hard to encourage Dark Desire to step out in the walk work. She’s brave in the canter but the change is a bit wobbly.

8:45 Emma’s riding positively and accurately. Dark Desire is being a bit looky looking – let’s hope the umbrellas don’t bother her too much as it’s bucketing down in Luhmuhlen.

8:43 Generally, this pair are low to mid-30s in the first phase, although they can definitely can – and may today – go sub-30. They’ve have been as low as 24.6 at the 4*-S level.

8:42 Germany’s Emma Brüssau with Dark Desire GS are next between the white boards.
Rookie alert! It’s a first-time 5* for both Emma and ‘Desi’.

Emma and Dark Desire have been together since Emma was a teenager.

🥇 They won individual gold at the Young Riders European Eventing Championships in 2019.

8:41 Emily King and Valmy Biats score 28.4.

8:40 Ah, so close to a square halt but there’s a little step off the line. Some lovely moments in this test.

8:39 There’s some tension creeping in but Emily’s very brave in the extended canter. The second change is better than the first. Despite the tension, Valmy stretches in the circle nicely and produces a lovely change.

8:38 There’s an extra stride in the rein back but the walk is nice and active and Valmy stretches in the extended. It’s just started to rain in Luhmuhlen.

8:37 Valmy Biats is lovely and bouncy in his trot work – he’s uphill and everything looks very polished. All very active and expressive.

8:36 This pair could potentially give us another dressage in the 20s. They scored 31.3 at Badminton but they’re well capable of mid to high-20s – they posted a 25.5 at Pau last year. Let’s see how they show up today.

8:35 Coming forward next we have Great Britain’s Emily King and Valmy Biats.

They come here from Badminton after Emily decided ‘Valmy’ wasn’t enjoying the muddy ground. Before that, they won the 4*-S at Thoresby Park.

Live the dream… Valmy Biats is part owned by the Event Horse Owners Syndicate – you can buy a tiny part of him for £95!

Hot to trot! 👟 Emily must be pretty fit – she ran the London Marathon a few weeks ago and, along with her partner, fellow eventer Sam Ecroyd, raised money for The Brain and Spine Foundation.

Fun / random fact! Emily lives in North Wales, not too far from me!

8:34 46.6 for Nicolas Wettstein and Meyer’s Happy.

8:33 There’s a change on the center line too. Nicolas did a great job keeping calm there. Shout out for Meyer’s Happy’s groom though – his braids are beautiful. Apparently he has hair extensions in his tail too.

8:32 There’s a blip in the corner before first change and Nicolas has to bring him back and does get the change. He misses the second one also. It’s a shame. Meyer’s Happy has got quite tense and isn’t playing ball. He’s back on track for the stretch circle though.

8:31 Meyer’s Happy looks very happy in his trot work. He’s a little wobbly in the contact sometimes, and he opens his mouth throughout the rein back, but he’s into a lovely walk and seems to be with Nicolas.

8:30 They’ve scored as low as 32 in the first phase at 4*. They’ve also been as high as 41.1. What will it be today?

8:29 Here’s Nicolas Wettstein and Meyer’s Happy for Ecuador.

Nicolas represented Ecuador at two Olympics (Tokyo and Rio), two World Championships (2014 and 2018) and two Pan-Am Games (2015 and 2019).

Meyer’s Happy was Nicolas’ World Championships mount for Tryon.

Origin story… Nicolas was actually born in Switzerland. As a junior he represented France, later changing to Switzerland, and now he rides for Ecuador.

Polyglot extraordinaire! Nicolas speaks five languages!

In his other life… Nicolas is the director of a pharmaceutical company.

8:28 Apologies for missing the first few horses live. Chinch has been frantically scribbling notes though – here’s what we missed…

8:22 We have 22-year-old Belgian rider Seppe Vilain and Kawa de la Cour Z coming up next.

Rookie alert! This is Seppe and Kawa de la Cour Z’s first 5*.

Seppe made his senior team debut in the Nations Cup at Boekelo in 2021.

Their 4*-L run this season saw them post a 35.1 in the first phase. What will it be here?

Kawa de la Cour Z is working nicely for Seppe at the beginning of their test. There are a couple of wobbles in the lateral work but overall it’s clean.

Their long-time partnership is evident – they’re clearly on the same page and it’s lovely to watch them working together.

They finish up with a lovely halt and big pats.

Seppe Vilain and Kawa de la Cour Z score 34.9.

8:15 And now for Ireland we have Susie Berry and Monbeg by Design for the gelding’s first 5* attempt.

Susie was one of only three in the first cohort of Young Eventers in the Wesko Equestrian Foundation for Young Eventers.

Susie’s represented Ireland at six European Championships from Ponies to Young Riders.

We’re looking around the mid-30s mark for this combination, potentially high-30s for their first 5*. They scored 38 in this phase in the World Championships at Pratoni.

Their test starts off tidy. Monbeg by Design drops to the forehand occasionally but there are no major mistakes.

The walk’s quiet and the gelding hollows slightly in the transition to canter.

The first change is very neat and Susie’s brave in the extended canter. That leads to a bit of a loss of rhythm at the end and Monbeg by Design dives the change. He enjoys the stretch circle though. The next change is a bit muddled and the final one is late behind, but they finish with a lovely square halt.

Susannah Berry and Monbeg by Design score 38.9.

8:07 Next in front of the judges is Great Britain’s Harry Meade with Tenareze.

Fun fact! Tenareze is one of only two stallions competing in the 5*.

He comes here after Harry opted to withdraw before the cross country at Badminton. There’ll be no problems with muddy ground here in Luhmuhlen though.

Hot form 🔥 Harry is currently sitting in second place for cross country jump clears in British eventing – 51 out of 55 runs this year.

Not just an event rider… Harry delivered his son at home when baby Charlie refused to wait for the ambulance to arrive. If he decides to hang up his riding boots, perhaps there’s a career as a midwife waiting for him! 🍼

They scored 26.9 in the dressage at Badminton. What will it be today?

This test is all looking as accurate as we’d expect from Harry – very neat and tidy.

Harry’s very brave in the extended trot.

Tenareze drags his legs a bit in the rein back but he’s relaxed in the walk. The extended walk is particularly good. Tenareze anticipates the changes a bit but they’re clean and the stretch circle is a good as the extended walk.

There’s lots to like here, but a couple of tiny blips. Harry’s riding the horse that’s underneath him and using all his experience to get the best out of the horse on the day. Lots of pats for Tenareze at the end.

Harry Meade and Tenareze score 31.

8:00 Austrian Olympian Lea Siegl will canter up the center line next with her Olympic and World Championship partner, DSP Fighting Line.

Olympic result! Lea and ‘Fighty’ finished 15th individually at Tokyo 2020, where she was the youngest competitor.

In the genes – Lea’s dad also competed at the Olympics in eventing.

They’ve started off this season in fabulous form, winning the 4*-S at Montelibretti with a dressage of 24.5. Will this great form continue here?

Oh oh… Fighty waves at the judges rather than halting and saluting. He is looking hot, hot, hot.

Lea does a superb job at keeping her cool – for such a young rider she’s riding very maturely in a difficult situation. She gets him back quickly and he relaxes better in the trot – she’s even brave enough to push for the extended.

The excitement’s back for the walk. Lea keeps him together though. He’s very ready to get into canter but she gets him back again.

Phew! A beautiful square halt to finish what’s been a difficult test for Lea. Fighty’s still living it up after he’s left the arena. He’s totally full of himself and is certainly fit and ready for cross country.

Lea Siegl and DSP Fighting Line score 39.9.

7:52 French rider Florian Ganneval and Blue Bird de Beaufour are next up for France.

Florian’s an amateur rider and full-time farrier.

Did you know? Blue Bird de Beaufour is a stallion.

This is the pair’s third 5* together, and their first outside France.

They posted a 36.1 at Pau lat year. What will it be at Luhmuhlen?

Blue Bird de Beaufour is clean and accurate in the trot work and delivers a lovely square halt at C.

This horse is, according to Florian, a bit lazy by nature and we can see that in the walk work. It’s clean but could he be more in front of the leg.

There’s a bit of a stumble in the corner which affects the first change, but the second change is better.

Oh no! Florian’s forgotten the stretch circle. He goes back and corrects himself but misses the change afterwards. The final change is better though.

Florian Ganneval and Blue Bird de Beaufour score 36.3.

7:45 First into the ring is Great Britain’s Will Rawlin whose partner is The Partner.

Rookie alert! This is a first 5* for both Will and his partner.

Did you know? You can be a parter of The Partner through the Event Horse Owners Syndicate.

In the barn… Contrary to his name, The Partner prefers to go it alone and would much rather he didn’t have a neighbor in the stall next door.

They’ve scored everything from 30.7 to 37.4 at 4* – where will they slot in at 5*?

The Partner’s a bit fragile in the bridle sometimes. He misses the first change but Will gets him back quickly. The next change is better.

The Partner really enjoys the stretch circle.

Overall this test isn’t without mistakes, but there is some lovely work on show.

Will Rawlin and The Partner score 36.5.

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