Dear Event Moms…

Skybreaker June 2014 Skybreaker June 2014

Recently I have started teaching kids riding lessons. I see teeny tiny boys and girls with wide eyes and eager personalities on a daily basis. They are all new to the horse world and everything they are seeing and watching seems to mesmerize them, from the simple act of catching the pony from her field, to grooming and everything in-between.

Mostly, the mothers are the ones who are coordinating the lessons. They are the ones who are picking up, dropping off and watching their sons and daughters as they latch on to a new obsession.

These mothers are reminding me of my own dedicated mom, and all the amazing mothers out there who have made little girls and boys dreams come to life. Of course there are die hard and devoted event fathers as well, and they should never be forgotten, but this one’s for the moms!

So, this letter is dedicated to all the event moms in the world who are cheering us on, driving with us to events, grooming, lending a hand and acting as a staple in our hectic and every evolving worlds.

Dear Event Moms,

Do you know how much you are appreciated? Do you know how much you are needed? Do you understand how incredible you are and without you, some of us would not be able to do what we are doing today? Years pass by and time flashes before our eyes. One minute we are falling off our Welsh Cob, and the next we are buying a shadbelly for our first FEI event. We become so caught up in the “now,” that we, at times, forget to say thank you. We forget that you helped us begin our journey. At times, we forget that you dropped us off at summer riding camp. We forget that you spent thousands of dollars on riding lessons and competition entries, and new tall boots. We forget that we HAD to have that figure eight bridle and you HAD to buy it for us or else the word might fall off its axis.

Even though we might seem distracted and we might seem unappreciative at times, we are, in fact half empty without you. You might not be able to come and watch us at every single event, but we know you are thinking of us and cheering us on, even if you are in the office or away on business. Just the feeling alone makes us feel safe and content.

You might think that we are YOUR rocks. But you are OUR anchors. You give us roots and balance. You pushed us and encouraged those first riding lessons. You were there when we fell off and you still are here when we fall off, or hit rock bottom. You rearranged your life to accommodate those jump lessons every Friday at 1:30. You did everything you could just to make us happy, and for that we are truly grateful.

When we were kids growing up, you asked us if we wanted ballet lessons, swimming lessons and/or riding lessons. You gave us this opportunity and you never let us down even when money was really tight and we could not afford lessons. You sacrificed a tremendous amount so that we could have our first pony or horse. You worked extra hours so we could buy grain and hay, and pay the vet and the farrier. You did all of this for us, because you knew it meant the world to us.

So, to all those mothers who drove thousands of hours and spent thousands of dollars, and worked extra shifts, or worked over time just to make our dreams come true, you will always be appreciated more than you’ll ever know. For those of us who are still, to this day, riding and competing, we remember those days in our childhood, and we remember how hard you worked and how hard you are still working. We are able to do what we love doing today because you are inspiring and you helped plant that initial seed that ultimately grew into a real life, so we thank you!


Your crazy, obsessed, dedicated event children!


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