Devoucoux’s “Caption It” Contest Winners

A huge THANK YOU to all of you dear readers who have been voting for our contests and helping us choose our winners!

We had a great time with this contest and thank you to all those who entered! A special thanks to all of our riders who were subjected to Samantha’s awkward moment photography, and allowed us to shamelessly caption your facial expressions.

And the winners are…

Christin Ganey Davis: ” Yeaaaaaa sorry. Just like grandmas can’t give you their secret apple pie recipe, I really can’t give you my recipe for a 33 either. So sorry Chap”


Kayla Muller: “Wait ’til Big Phil sees who’s doing his physical. Hehe”


Natalie Johnson: Boyd:”Clayton, no matter how much you beg I’m not switching nationalities AGAIN.”


Colleen: “Wait a minute…I’m seeing something…a Rolex timepiece? A premonition of things to come?”


A huge congrats to all of our winners! If you’re name is listed above and this is your caption, email [email protected] with your name and mailing address so we can make sure to send you your signed, special edition Devoucoux shirt!

Until next year… go the art of caption.

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