Dick Francis dies at age 89

Dick Francis, popular best-selling author of mostly crime/suspense novels, passed away on Sunday, February 14.  A former British steeplechase jockey, he wrote with a real inside knowledge of racing and horses, beautifully interwoven within the story’s plot.  He published 42 novels; I think I’ve read at least half of them, and it’s hard to name a favorite.  Tales ranged from insurance fraud, to kidnapping, to wine, to gold…but almost all of them related to horses or racing in some way.  The Francis books truly are a must-read for horse lovers– entertaining, fun, will keep the pages turning, but won’t bore you with dumbed-down horse scenes.  

I’ve re-read some of them five or six times.  I think it’s time to read one again.  Here’s to you, Mr. Francis.  You will be missed by many.

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