Did a Helmet Cam Cause Michael Schumacher’s Ski Helmet to Shatter?

Investigators are now wondering if Michael Schumacher’s helmet cam caused his helmet to shatter into pieces during the skiing accident that’s left him in a medically induced coma, The Telegraph reported earlier this week. Michael, a former Formula One racecar driver who friends and family describe as an experienced skier, was wearing a helmet cam to record his son while they were skiing in the French Alps in December.

Good Morning America picked up the story yesterday, interviewing Dr. Farbod Asgarzadie, a neurosurgeon at Loma Linda University (Calif.) Medical Center. “If a hole were drilled into the helmet and that were the method for mounting a camera, then potentially it could cause a problem with the integrity of the helmet,” Asgarzadie said in the interview. Of course, that statement doesn’t come as a surprise to any athletes who wear a helmet in their sport. Clearly drilling a hole in the helmet would have affected its ability to properly protect Michael.

Assuming the helmet cam was attached via normal means — i.e. using the mounting system provided with the product and not by drilling a hole — the investigation’s findings could impact whether or not riders are allowed to wear helmet cams on cross country in the future. Do you think the helmet cam could have caused Michael’s helmet to shatter on impact? Does this story make you reconsider wearing a helmet cam on cross country? Thanks to EN reader Pamela Nunn for the tip.

[The Telegraph] [Good Morning America]

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