Matt Brown: ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Change’

Matt Brown was named as an alternate on the U.S. Pan American Games Team with Blossom Creek Foundation's BCF Belicoso last week, and now he has another big piece of news to share. Many thanks to Matt for writing, and thanks for reading.

Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF. Photo by Jenni Autry. Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Change is always difficult. We don’t always have a choice about when and how changes will happen in our lives, but we do control how we choose to face those changes.

Will we face them with a positive mindset while thinking about how this change may help us? Or will we let the changes drag us down and overwhelm us?

I have to constantly remind myself to not be afraid of it, to the point where I tattooed it to my wrists — the Japanese character for change on one wrist and the character for courage on the other.

It is in this effort to not shrink away from change that my wife Cecily and I have made a difficult decision. We have lived in Sonoma County, California, our entire lives and spent our working lives up to this point building an amazing business there, with an incredible client base and barn family that we are truly proud of.

The new owner of Primo Cavallo, the awesome facility we’ve called home for many years, has decided to convert the facility into a wholesale nursery a bit sooner than we had originally thought.

We’ve been on the East Coast pursuing some dreams, and this new development in terms of Primo Cavallo has made it clear to us that instead of trying to scramble to find a new facility to work out of while we’re remote that we should stay east for a time in order to continue to improve my riding and stay close to some of the biggest competitions.

We hope to someday be back in California and will miss our Bay Area family a great deal. We are so thankful to all of our clients over the years who have made it possible for us to build an incredibly wonderful thing that was unique thanks to the supportive and big-hearted people that have made up our clientele. We know they will all have great success with their horses in this next step, and we wish them all the best! We will keep in touch!

So many people have been helpful in welcoming us to Pennsylvania. Thank you to Boyd and Silva for helping to get us settled here and for allowing us to train out of Windurra, a wonderful place to ride every day. Thanks also to Erica Nessler and to Cindy and Doug Howe for so generously letting us take over your barn. Thanks to John Taylor for helping us to find a place to live and for making us feel so welcome.

Cecily and I are currently looking for a more permanent place to call home for ourselves as well as our horses and a new East Coast based business. For those of you who might know of a facility that we could train out of or if you are interested in training or clinics, you can message us via Facebook or email us at [email protected].

Thank you to everyone for the support. Here’s to the future!