Doug Payne: Rolex CCI4* Helmet Cam

EN’s good friend Doug Payne continues to take helmet cams to the next level.  Today Doug was kind enough to send us a narrated first person look at his trip around the Rolex CCI4* course, which was both Doug’s and Patti Springsteen’s Running Order’s first four-star.  I spoke with Doug earlier today and he was so proud of Running Order at Rolex.  He told me that he was considering a trip to Burghley this autumn but that he is leaning towards staying stateside and doing the Fair Hill CCI3* because that will give him more runs this autumn.  The Burghley track involves just doing Milbrook and then shipping out for England, whereas the typical Fair Hill track has more prep runs.  For much more from Doug visit his website.  Go eventing.

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