Draw Order Goes Live for Rolex Kentucky

Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Fugitive. Photo by Jenni Autry. Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Fugitive. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event released the draw order for this year’s event today, and Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Fugitive will be the first to go in dressage of the 90 pairs currently entered.

Last year’s winner’s Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST will likely go on the first day of dressage. Allison Springer and Arthur have the honors of being the final pair to go on the second day of dressage.

See below or click here for the full draw order.

1 Phillip Dutton and FERNHILL FUGITIVE
Owned by Thomas Tierney and Ann Jones (USA)

2 Bruce (Buck) Davidson and PARK TRADER
Owned by Carl and Cassandra Segal (USA)

3 Boyd Martin and STEADY EDDIE
Owned by Gretchen Wintersteen, Pierre Colin and Denise Lahey (USA)

4 Jessica Phoenix and ABBEY GS
Owned by Charlotte Schickedanz (CAN)

5 Lillian Heard and SHARE OPTION
Owned by Lillian Heard (USA)

6 Ryan Wood and FRANKIE
Owned by Steven and Karri Guy and Ryan Wood (AUS)

7 Holly Payne Caravella and NEVER OUTFOXED
Owned by Fox Syndicate (USA)

8 Lauren Kieffer and LANDMARK’S MONTE CARLO
Owned by Jacqueline Mars (USA)

9 Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp and FERNHILL BY NIGHT
Owned by Deborah Halliday (USA)

10 Tim Price and BANGO
Owned by Numero Uno Syndicate (NZL)

11 Sara Kozumplik Murphy and FLY ME COURAGEOUS
Edith Rameika (USA)

12 Alexandra Knowles and THE DARK MARK
Owned by Jennifer Smith (USA)

13 Angela Grzywinski and NOVELLE
Owned by Angela Grzywinski (USA)

14 Mackenna Shea and LANDIOSO
Owned by Mackenna Shea (USA)

15 Colleen Rutledge and ESCOT 6
Owned by Colleen Rutledge (USA)

16 Katherine Coleman and COURAGE UNDER FIRE
Owned by Katherine Coleman (USA)

17 Ashley Johnson and TACTICAL MANEUVER
Owned by Ashley Johnson (USA)

18 Jennifer McFall and HIGH TIMES
Owned by The High Times Syndicate LLC (USA)

19 James Alliston and PARKER
Owned by James Alliston (GBR)

20 Courtney Cooper and WHO’S A STAR
Owned by Neal Camens and Courtney Cooper (USA)

21 Ellen Doughty-Hume and SIR OBERON
Owned by Ellen Doughty-Hume and Alistair Hume (USA)

22 Holly Jacks and MORE INSPIRATION
Owned by Holly Jacks (CAN)

23 Kyle Carter and MADISON PARK
Owned by Kyle and Jennifer Carter (CAN)

24 Nilson Moreira da Silva and MUGGLE
Owned by The Phoenix Syndicate, LLC and Nilson Moreira da Silva (BRA)

25 Maya Black and DOESN’T PLAY FAIR
Owned by Dawn Dofelmier (USA)

26 Katie Ruppel and HOUDINI
Owned by Katie Ruppel (USA)

27 Eliza Farren and BANTRY BAY’S DUBLIN
Owned by Eliza Farren (USA)

28 Anna Collier and GLEAMING ROAD
Owned by Anna Collier (USA)

29 Waylon Roberts and KELECYN COGNAC
Owned by Anthony Connolly and L. Skye Levely (CAN)

30 Kurt A Martin and DELUX Z
Owned by Kurt Martin and CarolJean Martin (USA)

31 William Coleman and OBOS O’REILLY
Owned by Four Star Eventing Group (USA)

32 Maddy Mazzola and MOJITO
Owned by Maddy Mazzola (USA)

33 Jordan Linstedt and REVITAVET CAPATO
Owned by Barbara and Jordan Linstedt (USA)

34 Michael Jung and FISCHERROCANA FST
Owned by Brigitte and Joachim Jung (GER)

35 Elisa Wallace and SIMPLY PRICELESS
Owned by Simply Priceless Syndication LLC (USA)

36 Lynn Symansky and DONNER
Owned by The Donner Syndicate LLC (USA)

37 Joe Meyer and CLIP CLOP
Owned by Madison Foote, Theresa Foote and Joe Meyer (NZL)

38 Elinor MacPhail and RF ELOQUENCE
Owned by Sally Crane (USA)

39 Allie Sacksen and SPARROW’S NIO
Owned by Allie Sacksen (USA)

40 Mikki Kuchta and RUBENS D’YSIEUX
Owned by Rubens D’Ysieux Syndicate, LLC (USA)

41 Jonathan Paget and CLIFTON SIGNATURE
Owned by Frances Stead and Russell Hall (NZL)

42 Jessica Phoenix and A LITTLE ROMANCE
Owned by Donald Leschied (CAN)

43 Phillip Dutton and FERNHILL CUBALAWN
Owned by Thomas Tierney, Simon Roosevelt and Caroline Moran (USA)

44 Kristin Schmolze and BALLYLAFFIN BRACKEN
Owned by Kristin Schmolze and Janet Geiler (USA)

45 Boyd Martin and SHAMWARI 4
Owned by Shamwari 4 Syndicate, LLC (USA)

Owned by Fernhill Classic Syndicate and Ryan Wood (AUS)

47 Rachel McDonough and IRISH RHYTHM
Owned by Rachel McDonough (CAN)

48 Lillian Heard and LCC BARNABY
Owned by Lillian Heard (USA)

49 Bruce (Buck) Davidson and PETITE FLOWER
Owned by Caroline and Sherrie Martin (USA)

50 Panda Christie and LITTLE LEO
Owned by Panda Christie (GBR)

51 Doug Payne and VANDIVER
Owned by Debi Crowley, Doug and Jessica Payne (USA)

52 Avery Klunick and IN IT TO WIN IT
Owned by Avery Klunick and Chip Klunick (USA)

53 Caroline Martin and QUANTUM SOLACE
Owned by Caroline and Sherrie Martin (USA)

54 Marilyn Little and RF DEMETER
Owned by Jacqueline Mars, Patrick Witte and Raylyn Farms, Inc (USA)

55 Bunnie Sexton and RISE AGAINST
Owned by Bunnie Sexton (USA)

56 Selena O’Hanlon and FOXWOOD HIGH
Owned by John and Judy Rumble (CAN)

57 Leah Lang-Gluscic and AP PRIME
Owned by CML Horses, LLC (USA)

58 Sydney C Elliott and CISKO A
Owned by Carol Stephens (USA)

59 Holly Payne Caravella and SANTINO
Owned by Beth Groblewski (USA)

60 Sara Kozumplik Murphy and CATCHASCATCHCAN
Owned by Edith and Sean Rameika (USA)

61 Jennie Brannigan and CATALINA
Owned by Candace Kircher, Tim and Nina Gardner (USA)

62 Lisa Marie Fergusson and HONOR ME
Owned by Lisa Marie Fergusson (CAN)

63 Philippa Humphreys and SIR DONOVAN
Owned by Philippa and Peter Humphreys (GBR)

64 Sarah Cousins and TSUNAMI
Owned by Sarah Cousins (USA)

65 Matthew Brown and SUPER SOCKS BCF
Owned by Blossom Creek Foundation (USA)

66 Daniela Moguel and CECELIA
Owned by Aurelio Quinzan̄os & Jorge Eduardo Mtz. Castrejon (MEX)

67 Blyth Tait and XANTHUS III
Owned by Jane Lovell-Smith and Blyth Tait (NZL)

68 Hannah Sue Burnett and HARBOUR PILOT
Owned by Jacqueline Mars (USA)

69 Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp and HHS COOLEY
Owned by Deborah Halliday (USA)

70 Kim Severson and FERNHILL FEARLESS
Owned by Kim Severson (USA)

71 Lisa Barry and F.I.S. PRINCE CHARMING
Owned by Lisa and Denise Barry (USA)

72 Sinead Halpin and MANOIR DE CARNEVILLE
Owned by Manoir De Carneville Syndicate, LLC (USA)

73 Alexandra Knowles and SOUND PROSPECT
Owned by Sound Prospect, L.L.C. (USA)

74 Tim Price and WESKO
Owned by Christina Knudsen and The Wesko Syndicate (NZL)

75 Barbara Crabo and EVEREADY
Owned by Barbara Crabo (USA)

76 Bobby Meyerhoff and DUNLAVIN’S TOKEN
Owned by Danica Meyerhoff (USA)

77 Laine Ashker and ANTHONY PATCH
Owned by Laine Ashker (USA)

78 Timothy Bourke and LUCKAUN QUALITY
Owned by Timothy Bourke (IRL)

79 Lauren Kieffer and VERONICA
Owned by Team Rebecca, LLC (USA)

80 Tiana Coudray and RINGWOOD MAGISTER
Owned by Jatial Inc. and Tiana Coudray (USA)

81 Emily Beshear and SHAME ON THE MOON
Owned by Deep Purple Eventing (USA)

82 Ryan Wood and MCLOVIN
Owned by Heather Sinclair and Ryan Wood (AUS)

83 Mark Todd NZB and CAMPINO
Owned by New Zealand Bloodstock and Mark Todd (NZL)

84 Bruce (Buck) Davidson and COPPER BEACH
Owned by Carl Segal and Sherrie Martin (USA)

85 Lillian Heard and FYI
Owned by Venesa Crumpley (USA)

86 Boyd Martin and BLACKFOOT MYSTERY
Owned by Blackfoot Mystery Syndicate LLC (USA)

87 Jessica Phoenix and PAVAROTTI
Owned by Don Good (CAN)

88 Phillip Dutton and MIGHTY NICE
Owned by HND Group (USA)

89 Colleen Rutledge and COVERT RIGHTS
Owned by Colleen Rutledge (USA)

90 Allison Springer and ARTHUR
Owned by Arthur Syndicate LLC USA