Dubarry Love From Ireland

Dubarrys are famously of Irish heritage.  EN reader Kathryn Willdeboer was kind enough to send us this report of her very scientific test of just how well her Dubarrys performed when she took them on a recent trip to Ireland.  Thanks for writing this Kathryn and thank you for reading.

From Kathryn:

Hello EN! Greetings from Ireland.  On vacation here in the Emerald Isle, it would have been silly to leave my Dubarrys behind…even if they did take up 1/3 of the room in my bag. I couldn’t help conducting my own famous Dubarry standing-in-water experiment. While hiking on the Wicklow Way outside of Glendalough, I got just the opportunity to test out the true integrity of these beautiful boots. And guess what?! They held up to even the coldest lake in the park. After making my friends quite jealous of my fashion sense and creative packing skills, I couldn’t help but to fall even more in love with my Dubarrys.
Happy day eventers and cheers to you Dubarry.


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