Early Look at Roster for Stable View’s April CCI4*-S

Boyd Martin and Commando 3. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

It seems like just yesterday was the Tokyo Olympics. However, now the Paris Olympics are a few short months away. With the United States eventing team yet to be named, there is a lot at stake for competitors this Spring. In addition to the team being named, there are two CCI5*s on the horizon making this a talent-packed entry list.

There are currently 47 riders entered for the CCI4*S at Stable View (April 5-7). The U.S. Tokyo Team riders are all on the roster with different mounts from their Olympic partners. Boyd Martin is entered with Fedarman B and Commando 3. Fedarman B or “Bruno” as he is known in the barn is recently coming off a third-place finish at the Conceal Grand-Prix Eventing Showcase at Bruce’s Field only adding some cross-country time to his dressage score.

Doug Payne and Camarillo. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Doug Payne will bring forward three mounts: Quantum Leap, Carmarillo, and Quiberon. “Quantum” is the most experienced of them all and Doug will be looking for a successful run to make his bid for the Paris Team. Phillip Dutton is entered with five mounts. He is entered with Azure, Denim, Jewelent, Possante, and Quasi Cool. Phillip and Z were the winners of the Stable View Oktoberfest Four-Star and Phillip will no doubt be looking to defend his title. His daughter, Olivia, is also entered with Sea of Clouds.

Liz Halliday is no stranger to winning at the Four-Star level. She recently won at Carolina International. She also placed fifth with entered horse, Cooley Nutcracker. In addition to Cooley Nutcracker, she is also entered with Shanroe Cooley. Will Coleman also has three entries for his chance to win some of the prize money. He and Chin Tonic HS are coming fresh off their Eventing Showcase win at Bruce’s Field. Stablemate, Off The Record, wasn’t far behind coming in second. Will is also entered with Diabolo. Buck Davidson has two horses entered: Irish Sport Horse, Cooley Candyman and Holsteiner, Erroll Gobey.

Year-round Stable View resident, Nilson Moreira Da Silva, has his gelding, Elmo, entered for his chance for a home-base win. Andre Parro has two horses entered with both, Carin L and Watusi. Georgia-based, Mary Bess Davis brings forward Imperio Magic. The pair placed sixth at Oktoberfest last fall and will be hoping to only better their placing. Law student, Ema Klugman, also brings forward two mounts with Bronte Beach Z and Slieve Callan Alpha.

Julie Wolfert and SSH Playboy. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

The four-star line-up is full of riders who are no strangers to being adventurous. Julie Wolfert competed in the Mongol Derby in 2022 and is entered with her horse, SSH Playboy, next weekend. Elisa Wallace is entered with Renkum Corsair and is known for training Mustangs. Briggs Surratt brings forward Corture for his chance for a piece of the prize money.

Canadian riders are also working to get spots on their Paris team. Dana Cooke is entered with her mount, FE Quattro. Colleen Loach is also entered with two of her long-time mounts: Vermont and FE Golden Eye. Representing Great Britain, Lucienne Bellissimo, has two horses entered: Dyri and Tremanton. Irish event rider, Tim Bourke, is also entered with Monbeg Libertine.

Caroline Martin and She’s The One. Photo by Shelby Allen.

2023 Pan American Gold Medalist, Caroline Pamukcu, is signed up with She’s the One. Kentucky-based, Alexandra Knowles, has two shots for the top prize with Morswood and Leo Santos. Sydney Elliot and QC Diamantaire were on the Pan American team last fall and the World Equestrian Games team the year before. No stranger to representing the United States, they will be hoping for some solid results this Spring.

Rounding out the four-star division, Woods Baughman, will bring forward Hopak de Greenbay Z. Ariel Grald is entered with Diara. Jean van Gysel is entered with Eiffel de L’Abbaye. Sydney Solomon has her upper-level mount, Early Review C, entered. Christina Henriksen is planning to bring forward JTH Zest. Finally, Brittany Crandell is signed up with Cooley Almighty.

There will be a lot for riders to accomplish on Helen West and Mark Phillip’s track. It should make for an exciting weekend of sport.

Don’t miss out on your chance to watch this talent-packed field navigate Helen West/Mark Phillip’s Cross Country Course and Chris Barnard’s show jumping track. It is free to come spectate. If you want the VIP experience, there are still VIP Tickets for sale. These tickets are $120 and give ticket holders access to the upstairs of the pavilion with viewing access to the competition, VIP swag, catered lunch by Blue Collard, and drinks.

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