Emotions of the AEC, Brought to You by Lizzo

Welcome to the American Eventing Championships. It can be a stressful and exhilarating time. It has the potential for what feels like epic success or a real crash and burn experience, at every level. It’s where it doesn’t matter if you are watching Beginner Novice or Advanced, every show jump round feels like a crucial moment for each horse and rider. It’s a thrilling championship atmosphere and should be celebrated!

After watching the Video Music Awards on Sunday,  an artist who brings a similar dramatic, yet relatable, energy to her music is Lizzo. Now, if you don’t know Lizzo, go reexamine your life.

She’s a classically trained flutist and hip-hop/R&B/soul singer, who had the best album of the summer (Cuz I Love You). Lizzo can easily express all the emotions from joy to despair that you’d be able to find at the AEC.

  1. Arriving, brimming with possibilities:

Lions Ready GIF - Lions Ready ComeOn GIFs

2. Marveling at the wonder of the Kentucky Horse Park:

What No Way GIF - What NoWay Confused GIFs

3. Trying to look your best as Big Name So&So rides by:

Excuse Me Feel Myself GIF - ExcuseMe FeelMyself FeelingMyself GIFs

4. The joy of nailing your dressage test:

IJust Took ADna Test Turns Out GIF - IJustTookADnaTest TurnsOut Im100PercentThatBitch GIFs

5. The determination of having not nailed your dressage test and striving for your come-from-behind victory:
Boss Up Change Your Life GIF - BossUp ChangeYourLife RaiseYourStandard GIFs

6. Walking the cross country course:

7. Walking the cross country course again, trying to feel better about it: 

8. Walking the cross country course a third time with someone who knows better than you: 

9. Post-cross country relief: 
Which Side Is Your Good Side All Of Them GIF - WhichSideIsYourGoodSide AllOfThem Positive GIFs

10. Post-cross country party:


11. Preparing for show jumping:

 Hair Toss Check My Nails GIF - HairToss CheckMyNails FeelingGood GIFs

12. Post-show jumping:

ILove You Ily GIF - ILoveYou Ily NoLimit GIFs

13. Not watching the people show jumping after you because, karmically, you don’t need that in your life:ILove You Beautiful GIF - ILoveYou Beautiful YouCanDoAnything GIFs

14. See you next year: 


Go Lizzo at the VMAs and Go Eventing!

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