EN Fans of the Day are Sticking Together


Tuesday USEA Planner:

*Open January 19, 2009, Closing Feb 16, 2010, and Happening Around March 5, 2010
*Open January 26, 2009, Closing Feb 23, 2010, and Happening Around March 12, 2010 

Full Gallop Farm March Intermediate H.T. (SC), Rocking Horse Spring H.T. (FL), Southern Pines H.T. (NC), MeadowCreek Park Spring H.T. (TX), (CA)

*Opening Feb 9, 2010 and Closing Mar 9, 2010, and Happening Around Mar 25, 2010

*Opening Feb 16, 2010 and Closing Mar 16, 2010, and Happening Around April 2, 2010
Each week we try to showcase Eventing Nation fans who send us photos.  Please send your “fans of the day” photos to [email protected], subject ‘fans of the day.’  For more info, click here.   Hope this was helpful, go eventing.

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