EN: Just Some Guy with a Laptop and His Smart Friends


No doubt about it, Eventing Nation has the coolest readers.  For example, a couple of days ago, Holly Covey sent me this image that she designed as a possible bumper sticker for the site.  How cool is that?!?  

One thing I have been thinking about is changing our tag-line: “Eventing news, results, and ridiculous commentary, from horse trials and three-day events.”  This was my first attempt when I was designing the site last year, and I chose it because it was packed with keywords.  Search engines really look at tag-lines as they try to ‘understand’ what a website is about, but Google seems to understand us just fine these days and I am hoping to find something more stylish.  Visionaire and I have tossed around a few ideas, and the good ones are Visionaire’s, the bad ones are mine.
(1) Eventing news and equestrian views delivered fresh daily with a twist of humor and opinions on the side.
(2) Whatever you do, wherever you go…Go eventing.
(3) When is John going to shut up and let the smart people write everything?
(4) Come along for the ride.
(5) Red on right, white on left, insanity in the middle.
(6) Bringing news, insight, and thought-displacing discussion to the eventing community.

(7) All courses: Average for readers with some experience at this level.

Actually, all but number (3) are Visionaire’s, mine are no where near good enough to bother posting.  Please let us know your own ideas for tag-lines and which tag-lines you like best in the comment section.  Needless to say, your feedback is going to determine what direction we decide to go, and we will be looking at it on the header every single day, so no pressure folks.
We have also chatted about putting red and white flags on either side of the EN title, which I think would look pretty cool, so look for that possibly soon.
Finally, for some reason we have had over 30 FB friend requests in the last 6 hours, which is way above average.  In fact, it’s 6 times above our full daily average for friend requests.  I know it’s my job to keep track of everything related to EN, but I’m thinking there might be a link out there that I don’t know about.  If anyone knows something, please fire us an email or comment.  Go eventing.
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