EN Presents the Eventing Nation Anthem

It’s the 4th of July, and the chinchillas have been hard at work plotting their next round of insanity in the middle. No, it’s not a drinking game for George Morris training videos, although that sounds like a smashing (and terrifying) idea. Since Eventing Nation’s birth in 2009, it has blossomed into today’s rich, dynamic site for worldwide eventing news and ridiculous commentary. The chinchillas are proud of their hard work, and thus are unveiling the new Eventing Nation Anthem, sung to the tune of “America the Beautiful” (they were planning to do “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but figured that readers might have issues with some of the high notes).

Come check our homepage for big news,

From Badminton to Pau.

We have the latest interviews,

Fine tales on Bloggers Row.

Red on the right, white on the left,

Insanity between!

Chinch will confess we are the best

Eventing site you’ll see!


Dear readers of all walks of life,

From Starter to Advanced,

Some get their kicks looking at pics

Of Boyd Martin’s tight pants.

There’s News & Notes and reader’s votes,

News flashes far and wide!

And all the while, we’ve gotta smile

With good humor and pride.


We’re at Rolex, scoping the specs

Of the cross country course.

Our writers have the newest scoop

On Buck Davidson’s horse…s.

Make no mistake, Head of the Lake

Is where we will report.

Come tailgate with Evention and

Show love for this great sport!


They ask us why Chinchilla is

The mascot of EN.

He’s soft and cute, tweets are a hoot.

Let’s chinchbomb Instagram!

Red on the right, white on the left,

Insanity midway!

Your one-stop page, we are the rage,

Thanks for reading every day!

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