EN’s 2016 Video Countdown: #10. When The Beatles & Synchronized Horse Dancing Combine

As we near the end 2016 we're revisiting EN's most popular video posts of the year. Here's #10, originally posted on July 3 and collecting 6,885 views!

This might the grooviest pas de deux we’ve ever seen! This talented duo and their matching chestnuts perform synchronized canter pirouettes, tempi changes, lateral movements, extensions and more to the tune of some of The Beatles’ greatest hits.

The Dancing Duo✎ The Dancing Duo – Superbe démonstration !
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Posted by Horses-Videos on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The pas de deux is a difficult and precise competition and they make it look easy!

We love the music, too. All you need is love, you guys.

And horses. Lots of horses.