Event Rider Look-a-Likes

The world’s top event riders and their celebrity alternate identities… you be the judge!

Phillip Dutton                                  vs.           Roger Federer (tennis)

Olympic Gold Medallist                                     Olympic Gold Medallist

Lost count of number of USEA                           Lost count of  number of consecutive weeks ranked ATP #1 
Leading Rider of the Year titles.   


Jon Holling                                         vs         Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice)

At home in Ocala, FL                                         At home in Miami, FL

Hobbies: shooting sporting clays                         Hobbies:  shooting bad guys

Originally from Wisconsin; appreciates dairy,       Favorite food: yogurt.
mac & cheese.



Holly Hudspeth                      vs.                              Debra Messing  (Will & Grace)
Completed North Georgia One Star at age 18            Was Junior Miss Rhode Island at age 18
Member of the US Pan Am team in 2003                  Named TV Guide’s “best dressed woman” in 2003


Andrew Nicholson                          vs.                  Bond. James Bond.

Rider in England                                                     Spy for England

Accomplished horseman                                         Accomplished womanizer



Darren                                      vs.                       Zoolander

Eventing superstar                                                Fashion supermodel

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