Event Rider Masters Series to Make Television Debut at Barbury Castle

Andrew Nicholson and Avebury at Barbury. Photo by Adam Dale. Andrew Nicholson and Avebury at Barbury. Photo by Adam Dale.

The Event Rider Masters Series will be featured on television for the first time next weekend at Barbury Castle, the third leg of the 2016 series and Great Britain’s final selection trial for the Rio Olympic Games.

Live streaming of the competition was available on eventridersmasters.tv for the first two legs of the series at Chatsworth and Bramham Park and enabled series officials to fine-tune the production before the official on screen debut. Barbury will be shown in a highlights package on Sky Sports and Horse and County TV.

The premise of the Event Rider Masters Series is to showcase the sport to new audiences as well as entertain those already engaged with it, and the two-day structure of the competition was designed specifically for television through a quality production featuring professional commentary and statistical analysis.

The new Series’ television debut is an exciting milestone and could be a strong predictor of the success of the series, which aims to expand to additional venues and countries in future years.

“Nigel Bunter (Barbury estate owner) has been so easy to work with that it has been a natural place to go because he has been so helpful in giving us all the access and support we need to make it happen,” Barbury’s Chief Executive Chris Stone told This is Wiltshire.

“The riders have been really supportive. They are giving us lots of time to be supportive with our commercial sponsors and partners and they are willing to try the different things we are doing.”

The riders and production staff have been hard at work getting ready for the event. We’re looking forward to tuning in!

Click here to view the Barbury Event Rider Masters division entries and here to view the Barbury event page on the series website.

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