Eventers Rally Against Proposed Equestrian Ordinance

We stand in support of Newlin Township horse farms! Photo courtesy of Lisa Thomas. We stand in support of Newlin Township horse farms! Photo courtesy of Lisa Thomas.

Many EN readers have signed the Change.org petition in opposition to the proposed equestrian ordinance in Newlin Township in Chester County, Pa., and the next skirmish in the battle to block the amendment takes place Monday night, when the board of supervisors intends to vote on the issue.

As we explained last month in this post, the ordinance would redefine boarding farms and training facilities in Newlin Township as commercial businesses, creating far-reaching negative impacts for the many eventers, foxhunters and farm owners who live in the area.

It’s imperative that everyone who lives in or near the area attend the meeting on Monday night to try to prevent the passing of the vote. Lisa Thomas, who has helped spearhead the opposition movement against the ordinance, sent in an update explaining the current status of the amendment.

“Area residents and the Newlin Board of Supervisors have reached an impasse, with the board refusing to respond to multiple requests to hold an open and published meeting to review the proposed amendment with landowners. Area residents are requesting revisions to the new ordinance and have submitted a counter proposal and multiple letters seeking a meeting to draft a compromise that will be less restrictive on farms that have been operating in the township,” Lisa said.

“The Board of Supervisors feels that the new proposal is more advantageous for small farm operations, yet the owners of these properties feel that they are over legislating equestrian properties and businesses. The fear is that by passing this new ordinance, businesses will suffer financial hardship, property values may fall, open space will be threatened and a new precedent will be set for neighboring townships.”

Our own Maggie Deatrick and Colleen Peachey live in the Unionville area, so this is an issue that hits close to home for us. The chinchillas are asking all who live in or near the area to attend the meeting at 8 p.m. Monday at the Lenfest Building (Cheslen Preserve), Cannery Road, Coatesville, in a show of support to prevent the board from voting.

Click here to sign the petition against the ordinance on Change.org, which has garnered nearly 1,500 signatures so far.


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