Eventing Granny: PSA and Current Status

Cindy Adcock, creator of the blog Eventing Granny, describes herself as a “legit” Beginner Novice eventer; her partner-in-crime is Josie, a soon-to-be 16-year-old redheaded Irish Draught mare. “Follow our journey to AECs 2019 in Kentucky where it will also be my 60th year on this earth. I am having a blast as a late to life eventer!” Read more of Cindy’s EN Bloggers Row posts here.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Adcock.

To keep you up to date, we had first session of shock wave therapy. Over 2,000 pulses to deliver healing to my Josie. Two more to follow. We will do another ultrasound to see how healing is going and determine if light work can commence. My vet has a very precise procedure to follow. Ours might be a bit longer as I am going to see if barefoot works for her. At the end of the day, it is all about what works for her.

Forty-five days into this session of rehab and hand walking gives one time to think, ponder, obsess, plan, scheme and worry. You can also become a bit of a pill. Your horse? Unless they are in pain, care not and really might be blissfully happy with how things are shaking out. Josie is nonplussed by all of this. I have no delusions that she longingly hangs her head over that stall door and goes – what? No riding? No dressage? No jumping? Okay, that last one might even tick her off a bit.

For me? I am trying to not be a total b*tch about the entire thing. Possible lease horses that seemed so perfect are not appearing in that empty stall at the barn. I believe that things do happen for a reason, so I am taking it as a sign to get some other things taken care of. I am at that point of – forget the lease, whatever.

I have started my list of things to NOT say to someone who horse is rehabbing. Some are things to say TO the person and there are some things that you just don’t say AROUND that person. Now, the things to NOT say? Well, a couple you can say IF you are willing to actually HEAR the answer. If you are NOT ready for a 15 minute talk? Don’t ask.

  1. How is Josie (or, fill in any rehab horse’s name)? She is healing – I hope it heals completely but I have moments where I worry that she won’t completely heal – do you REALLY want to go down that road with me?
  2. She looks good! SHE is blissfully happy – I feel like crap but putting on a happy face.
  3. Still handwalking?  *As one is handwalking*
  4. Have you tried… Have a plan in place – thanks.
  5. Have you thought of… Google is my friend.
  6. It could be worse…  We know it could be worse.
  7. At least it is not… We say that to ourselves every time we whine about a mere 90 days.
  8. At least it happened while it is so hot. Or so cold, or so rainy – you get the idea.
  9. It is SO hot! I already rode and I am DYING! Really? I just walked my horse for an hour and I am equally hot and did not get to have the same fun you just did RIDING!
  10. I am just not up to riding my multiple horses today. Really? I feel ya.
  11. It could be so much worse! Yes, I am guilty of saying this to a friend. We know it could have been worse. We are grateful it is NOT worse but this still sucks.
  12. How long will the rehab take? Forever. For-freaking-ever…

Here are the things we do want to hear

  1. This completely sucks for you – I am so sorry! Thanks! It really does and I DO appreciate you saying simply this!
  2. I hate that you can’t do the… clinic, camp, lessons you love. Thanks!  Again – just this.
  3. We do want to hear about the fun things you are doing with YOUR horse! Even if I can’t participate I do want to share in your fun!
  4. Call our hand when our whining gets out of control. Are you REALLY my friend? Call out my BS – no one wants to be that whiny cow all the time.

I am grateful for the friends I have in my life that put up with my pity party moments. I try and not have them too often, but they do happen. I know this is just a bump in the road and it will all be okay. The timing is what the timing is. I do enjoy the walks and I do enjoy just that time that is ours. Yesterday, as we walked, she and I were just “there” and Josie nuzzled me. I know it will be alright and that she will be alright. We have our talks. I have explained to her that she needs, in the future, to NOT be so forgiving and to call my hand on some of my BS while riding.

This too will pass and be a memory. We will take our time and not rush the rehab and be back out doing the stuff we love.