Eventing Nation’s $100 Bit of Britain Rolex Challenge

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Eventing Nation is a site designed to be fun for the most intelligent and connected members of the eventing community, and, as a result, our audience is the highest quality in the equestrian media.  So, if your picks in our Rolex Challenge are the best in the entire Eventing Nation, you get some serious bragging rights~ AND you also get a $100 gift card from Bit of Britain!
Here’s how it works:
-You Pick from the Rolex Entry List
(1) One horse that will score less than 45.0 in the dressage (worth 5 points)

(2) One horse that will go double-clear on Saturday-0 jumping and 0 time penalties (7 points)

(3) The horse that will win Rolex (15 points)
(4) The Rolex winning score (used for breaking ties)

Note: If no horses score under 45.0 in the dressage then no points will be awarded to anyone for those first (1) picks.  The same is true for XC.  You can choose the same horse for multiple picks, so you could pick Horse X to (1) score less than 45.0 and to (2) go double clear on XC, etc.

>Submit your picks by entering them as a comment to THIS POST.  Click on the post title and scroll down to find the ‘submit a comment’ form.  You will pick three horses and a score, so please identify which horse goes with which pick (dressage under 45.0, double-clear XC, winner).  A good entry will look like:

(1) Dressage: Horse X

(2) XC: Horse Y

(3) Winner: Horse Z

(4) Winning Score: 1000.0

>The deadline for submissions is the start of the first horse inspection on Wednesday.
>At the end of the Rolex, the person with the most points wins.
>IMPORTANT: You MUST be either logged into Eventing Nation or FILL OUT A VALID EMAIL in the comment form to win.  We will contact the winner of the contest using this email.
>This goes without saying, but do not submit multiple entries.  We can tell from multiple submissions with either the same email or from one IP address.
**Bonus: If you use an EN registered username to submit your entry, you get an extra 3 points.  If you are not already registered with an EN username, click the “Register” button at the very top right of our header, or try this link.  The form takes 30 seconds to fill out, and you should get an email confirmation in your inbox.  After you register, click ‘sign in’ just above the submit comment form if you are not already signed in.   This registration helps us to know we have a valid email for our winner.  
>GOOD LUCK!  That’s all there is to it.  Just make sure you follow the directions, include your email in the comment form, and submit a good looking entry.  
If there are any issues, send me an email and I will try to resolve them as quickly as possible.  Please be patient and reasonable; craziness will make me regret having a prize for the contest.  I’m leaving for Kentucky this afternoon and my next post will be from the KHP.
I want to give a special thanks to John Nunn for generously providing the Bit of Britain gift certificate for the EN Rolex Challenge.  I have spoken with Mr. Nunn several times over the past few months and I greatly appreciate his insight and advice.  I sent out exactly one email last night asking for a gift certificate for EN’s Rolex Challenge, and I sent that email to Mr. Nunn because his company has such a rich tradition of supporting the eventing community.  If you get a second while you are walking around the Rolex trade fair, please stop in Bit of Britain and thank Mr. Nunn for sponsoring EN’s Rolex Challenge.  Go eventing.


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