Eventing Nation’s 2010 Census

If you have been watching the US Olympic coverage on NBC, chances are you have seen the 2010 Census commercials.  You know, the ads with catchy threats phrases like “we can’t move forward until you mail it back” and “the FBI will come and find you in your sleep if you don’t reply.”  

So, today we are going to run our very own Eventing Nation Census.  I can’t guarantee that they FBI will arrest you if you don’t participate, but I can guarantee that your horse’s trot will be a little easier to sit.  Also, participating will extend your EN break from work by about 30 seconds.  Here’s how it works:
(1) *Click* on this post title and scroll down to the comment section.
(2) Type:
      –Your home country and state/province
      –Years of eventing experience and level
      –Favorite food
      –Number of horses
      –How long you have been visiting EN
      -*One suggestion for how we can make Eventing Nation better
(3) Feel free to use your EN username, but please keep your response anonymous: do not use your full name or name of your farm, etc.
(4) Hit ‘submit.’
(5) Thank you!
The funny thing about website participation in this age of new media and conversation is that we consider it a great day of comments on Eventing Nation if 0.5% of our visitors comment, and EN has a pretty high participation rate relative to other sites.  SO, if you have never commented, today is a great time to give it a try.  Who knows, it might be fun.  Go eventing.
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