Rider Profile: Bonnie Kibbie

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Name: Bonnie Kibbie

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Relationship to Eventing: amateur rider on hiatus, current vet student, and groom extraordinaire

Favorite Eventing moment/story?: Generally speaking, I love that moment when a horse crosses the finish line after a good cross country run.  They always look so pleased with themselves! I love seeing that “oh yeah, I am AWESOME” swagger in their step and knowing that we humans aren’t the only ones who are in it for the adrenaline rush. 

If you had to pick one reason why you love Eventing, what would it be?  I love the fact that eventing encourages true horsemanship.  To do the thing right, you can’t skate by on the work of your trainer or groom or anyone else; you have to put in the blood, sweat and tears and you really have to know and value your horse.
I know it says just one reason, but I have to say I also really love the people in this sport. What a terrific bunch! I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most wonderful people (most importantly- my husband, Jeff!) through the event world and I am always impressed by the genuine good character I see on display at the events I attend.   

Overall Goals in the sport:  At the moment my school schedule is so crazy that I’m happy just to sit on my horse once in a blue moon!  Eventually I’d love to do some work as an FEI vet and to compete my own horses at the lower levels again, but for now my goal in the sport is to help Jeff achieve his goals.  As an xc builder and designer, he’s on the road a lot (and by “a lot” I mean that he has spent, collectively, less than two weeks of 2011 at home- ick!) and he works incredibly hard to juggle the work and riding, especially now that his “freebie” project horse is running Intermediate.  Loki (named, appropriately, for the Norse god of Mischief) is just a phenomenal creature that tries his heart out.  Four years ago he was virtually unrideable (due mainly to some undiagnosed health issues and a serious ‘tude), but it has been amazing to watch him and Jeff progress together and right now their goal is to see how far they can go.  In the short term, they’ve got their sights set on the CIC** at Jersey Fresh this spring and the CCI** at Fair Hill this fall, and you can bet I’ll be right there with them… when I’m not in class, that is. And ok, I might be the one breathing into a paper bag as they leave the start box, but I’ll be there!  (Now that I’m stuck on the ground, I finally understand why my mother was such a train wreck at my events as a kid- it’s much easier to go out there and do it than to watch!) Keep your fingers crossed for my boys and check out our blog to see how things are going.

Biggest Role model: In the event world, there are so many riders and officials that I respect but one that always stands out to me is Sharon White.  She has the best outlook on life!  Every time I see her, she has a smile on her face and a kind word to share.  I don’t know her well, but I’ve immensely enjoyed the few lessons and other interactions I’ve had with her, and I am continually impressed by her horsemanship and overall great attitude. 

Link to blog or website, if applicable:  www.jeffkibbie.com, our blog is under the “News” section. Check it out! 


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