Eventing Represented in Antarctica

Paul Swart at the South Pole

EN reader Kathy Viele kindly sent us this note– an eventer treks to the South Pole!

From Kathy:

Eventer Paul Swart recently moved from Bend, Oregon, to Aiken, SC, where he fell in with a dubious crowd:  Lynn Coates-Holmes’ eventing Misfits. He’s currently leading an excursion in Antartica, and took the opportunity to take eventing, quite literally, to the ends of the earth. Here he is proudly displaying his Misfit shirt at the one-and-only South Pole.  “This one is for Lynn Coates-Holmes and the Misfits team. Red and white in the middle and insanity all around!


Insanity all around, indeed!  Congrats to Paul for his achievement, and showing that eventers really are everywhere.  Thanks to Kathy for sharing with us; if you have an interesting story, please sent it to [email protected]


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