Events This Weekend

Thursday is a travel day for me, so I leave Eventing Nation in the capable hands of our team of writers and our commenters who, I might add, have been absolutely on fire lately.  From the many funny comments on the Golf post (LisaB’s made me really laugh), to the law student’s comment on Need to Know about always reading contracts that you sign (I suggest asking for copies of anything you sign as well), to lec’s several great comments, to the many many more, it’s great to have so many wonderful contributors to the fun here on Eventing Nation.  Thanks guys!


Notes: SoPo 2 is one of two really packed events left on the path to Rolex (The Fork being #2) and this field is absolutely loaded.  Phillip, Boyd, Karen, and Will all have their aces going this weekend.  Also, we get our first look at Amy Tryon’s A-Listed Leyland and B-Listed Coal Creek.  Lot’s of B-Listers and many other Rolex hopefuls are also competing this weekend, including The Godfather on the amazing Cruise Lion.  


Before riding this weekend, you might want to check out the immediate USEF rule change: “inflatable vests are only permitted when worn over a body protecting vest.”

Best of the Blogs: Why Ashley Adams won’t be at Southern Pines this weekend.  

Oh, I almost forgot…go eventing.
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