Every Step they Take: New Look Live Updates from the Main Arena on Dressage Day One at Maryland 5 Star

The dressage ring is where it’s at as Maryland 5 Star gets underway. Photo by MARS Maryland 5 Star at Fairhill.

Here we go ENers, the penultimate 5* of 2023 is about to kick off! It’s the first day of dressage at Maryland 5 Star and we couldn’t be any more excited to see how the competition unfolds.

Join us as we meet the stars of the show and see how they get on in the first phase of the USA’s second top-level offering of the season.

We’ve got riders at the top of the world rankings here at Maryland 5 Star this week – from both sides of the Pond – with Britain’s Piggy March (13th) and Oliver Townend (1st), and Americans Phillip Dutton (10th) and Boyd Martin (3rd) all joining us in the dressage ring over the next two days.

We’ll see Olympians, World Championship riders, Pan-Ams medalists, 5* winners… this competition is hot, hot hot!

And you won’t have to miss a thing as EN will be bringing you all of the action over the course of the event, so keep your eyes on – and ears pricked – as we go eventing! We’ve got loads of great IG content happening courtesy of our team on the ground too @goeventing, and if you want to follow along with the form, you’ll find EN’s 5* Form Guide here.

First into the ring will be Ireland’s Austin O’Connor with Colorado Blue, who stormed ‘round a muddy Badminton track in the spring and finished overall in third place.

If you’re following along live, don’t forget to refresh this page periodically.

Let’s do this thing! 👀

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2:05pm And here we go! Maryland 5 Star begins with Ireland’s Austin O’Connor who’s made the trip to Maryland with Colorado Blue for the gelding’s fifth 5* start.

🧂 ‘Salty’ showed he’s an event horse truly worth his salt at this year’s tricky Badminton edition – he finished third after storming round the muddy track. Last year he was eighth – finishing on his dressage of 35.9.

They competed at the Tokyo Olympics after stepping up when Cathal Daniels had to withdraw. They tore up the Tokyo track with the fastest round of the day, finishing 13th overall and best of the Irish.

He’s also been to the World Championships – at Pratoni – where he finished in the top 20, again, top of the Irish team.

Austin has produced Salty from the start and says the gelding is a laid back kind of guy with “a great heart”.

Dressage form 📈 At Badminton in the spring he put down a PB at the level – 31.5. Later this season he posted 34.9 at Burghley. He’s generally mid-30s, but he’s super speedy across the country and will be looking to climb the leaderboard on Saturday.

Salty looked every bit the 5* star at Badminton in the spring, and was kept fabulously white by his groom Francesca Denning, despite the soggy British weather:

Salty looks beautiful in the Maryland sunshine as he enters up the center line. He seems relaxed and happy to be working with Austin.

Alice Fox-Pitt is in the commentary box with Spencer Sturmey and they’ve commented on how much happier Salty looks here than he did at Burghley. The halt is accurate and Salty is settled and relaxed as he moves into the walk work.

The test overall is going really well. The first change is spot on and Salty’s responding to Austin’s aids throughout the canter work.

He’s lacking a bit of bend in the half pass but delivers a relaxed stretch circle and two lovely changes.

Unfortunately the bell goes as Austin halts. He’s halted a little early rather than continuing down the center line in trot to halt at G. It seems Austin had the 4* test in mind. Such a shame when the test had been so very lovely all the way through, he’ll be kicking himself but should still be incredibly pleased with Salty’s performance here.

Update: Austin actually halted in the wrong place the second time too, hence his score changed from 33.1 to 33.7.

Austin O’Connor and Colorado Blue score 33.7.

2:14pm Doug Payne and Quantum Leap are making their sixth 5* start together at Maryland this week.

Baby Quantum arrived at the Payne yard as a yearling and Doug has brought the gelding up through the levels.

🎓 One of the five YEH graduates here at Maryland, as a four-year-old Quantum was third in the Championships. He went on to represent the US at the seven-year-old Championships at Le Lion d’Angers.

It’s their third trip to Maryland – they were ninth in 2021 and 2022, will they push up the leaderboard this time around?

5* form 🌟 They’ve finished top-10 in four of their 5* starts, including coming third at Kentucky last season, where they become the 2022 USEF 5* Eventing National Champions.

🛩️ When he’s not piloting horses round cross country courses, Doug pilots his tiny plane to events.

Dressage form 🩰 They scored 29.5 here last year – a career best dressage score – and 33.7 at Kentucky in the spring. Will they manage another sub-30 Maryland score this time around?

Quantum is officially the sweetest 5* horse, like ever, as Doug’s little daughter can attest (check out Doug’s IG account for some very cute videos of the pals hanging out together):


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A post shared by Doug Payne (@dpequestrian)

It’s a bit of a tentative start as Doug sets off from the center line, a little wobbly, and that caution continues into the trot work. Quantum flicks his toes out and looks impressive, but we can see that Doug’s having to be a bit careful in the early stages of this test.

There’s more flashy footwork in the extended trot, but it’s still not fully attacking.

Quantum’s not fully secure in the contact in the walk work. The relaxation is looking a bit fragile and Doug’s having to ride with all of his experience and knowledge of the horse.

They’re not losing any marks in terms of accuracy, but Doug’s having to keep a lid on Quantum’s excitement.

The canter work continues in the same way – tentative, but very clever riding from Doug. He’s not letting Quantum boil over, he’s doing all the jobs he needs to do to complete the test, but he can’t push Quantum due to the gelding’s obvious fizziness in the arena today.

That was hard work for Doug, but they’ve halted now, sans explosion from Quantum – a masterclass of riding from Doug.

Doug Payne and Quantum Leap score 35.9.

2:22pm New Zealand’s Monica Spencer and Artist made the trip to the Northern Hemisphere a few weeks ago in preparation for their second 5* start.

Monica won one of the best turned out rider prizes at the First Horse Inspection yesterday for her super cool ‘fit that gave Team EN green eyes for sure 💚

With plenty of 4* experience – and success – under their girths in New Zealand, Monica and Artist made their 5* debut at Adelaide early this season, but an unfortunate parting of company on the cross country there means they’re here at Maryland looking for their first 5* completion.

🛫 It’s not their first trip to the Northern Hemisphere – they were part of the New Zealand squad for the World Championships in Pratoni, which they found out just three days before ‘Max’ flew out to Italy. It was worth the stress though – they took home a team bronze medal 🥉

🏇 Max is racing-trained but didn’t actually race – he switched sides early on and Monica has had him since he was a four-year-old after seeing him at his first show and promptly buying him.

Dressage form 👀 They posted a 24 at Adelaide 5* in the first phase and a 25.6 at Pratoni. They’re rarely out of the 20s at 4*. This is for sure one to watch.

🎨📸 Artist sure makes a pretty picture:


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A post shared by Monica Spencer (@monicaspencernz)

Max comes into the arena looking like he means business and really shows off all his range in the medium trot. He’s soft and supple, showing real presence in the ring and lots of cadence in his movement.

It’s a lovely square halt before very accurate rein back steps. He sets off in walk looking equally relaxed. They are such an impressive looking pair – totally together and working nicely as a partnership.

A really bold transition into canter and more great quality work from Max. Monica pushes for the extended and then Max comes straight back, showing just how well they work together.

A gorgeous stretch circle demonstrates lots of relaxation and then Monica picks him back up to deliver an accurate change.

Max truly is a great advert for ex-racehorses. He looks like a pleasure to ride, and lots of fun.

A square halt to finish what’s been a lovely test throughout.

Monica Spencer and Artist score 28.4 and go into the lead.

2:30pm Multiple-time World Championship rider, seven-time Olympian and Pan-Ams medal winner Phillip Dutton brings Azure forward for her first 5*.

Azure was bred and produced by Irish eventer Elizabeth Power, making the trip to the States to start the 2022 season with Phillip.

Hot form 🌶️ They won the 4*-L at Bromont in June, adding just 0.8 to their dressage of 36.4.

👀 Watch out for this pair on the cross country on Saturday – the mare has had jumping penalties just once in 21 starts!

Medals alert! Phillip has won Olympic team gold twice for Australia 🥇🥇 individual bronze for the US 🥉 two Pan-Ams team golds and individual silver 🥇🥇🥈

All-around sportsman🎾⛳ As well as in the barn, you can catch Phillip on the tennis court and golf course.

Dressage form 📋 They trend mid-30s in this phase at 4* – last time out they posted a 34.1 at Stable View in the 4*-S.

🤠 Showing off his Dutton family skills:


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A post shared by Phillip Dutton (@duttoneventing)

Azure looks a real picture in the dressage ring this afternoon. She gets off to a good start but then has a bit of a stumble in the corner as she loses the trot slightly. Phillip gets her straight back though and she continues on nicely.

She looks relaxed in the lateral trot work but then her head lifts as they halt – she seems to notice the cameras.

Phillips legs are nowhere near Azure’s sides in the walk work – like, there’s a huge gap between his calves and her sides. Azure’s obviously feeling a bit fizzy and is keen to get on with her work – on the cross country.

There’s a bit of tension in the canter work, but Phillip’s keeping a lid on it and she delivers a good first change. This mare can get a bit tight in the canter, but she’s doing well. There’s some stretch in the circle, but there could have been more to really go for top marks.

She nails the final halt and seems to have really enjoyed herself in the ring. There was a little tension, but there’s a lot of atmosphere there and it’s her first time at the level. She’s kept it together really well and overall it was a nice test.

Updated: Phillip Dutton and Azure score 34.5.

2:37pm Son of legendary US eventer Bruce Davidson Buck Davidson returns to Maryland with Kentucky-bred Thoroughbred Sorocaima.

Career change 🔀 ‘Cam’ had a successful career in racing before turning his hoof to eventing, earning over $80,000 on the track 🏇 He made his eventing debut in 2020.

He comes forward for his fourth 5* start, and second time at Maryland. He was 14th here last year – will he race even further up the leaderboard this time around?

Buck has been a US team member at World Championships and Pan-American Games, and has been the named alternate for Olympic teams.

Dressage form 📋 He scored 36 at Kentucky in the spring and 35.7 here last year. His dressage scores in general have been trending downwards, and he can be low-30s at 4*.

Ears pricked and ready to put his best hoof forward:

Buck Davidson and Sorocaima. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

Buck and Cam get their test underway with a good halt. The trot work is a huge improvement on what we’ve seen from Cam before – it’s balanced and accurate throughout.

Another good halt and it’s into the walk. Cam seems relaxed and happy to be working for Buck. He’s stepping out nicely and it all looks solid. There could have been a little more extension but overall it’s sound and accurate.

It’s more of the same in the canter. Cam really shows his Thoroughbred blood as he extends across the arena – he looks fabulous.

There’s a little overbend in the stretch circle, but Cam comes back to Buck nicely and delivers an accurate change.

This has been a polished performance – very solid. A square halt to finish, and a little ‘well done to me’ neigh from Cam.

Buck Davidson and Sorocaima score 34.2.

2:46pm Hannah Sue Hollberg and Capitol H I M are here for their second 5* start together.

‘Chito’ is best mate and field buddy of Hannah Sue’s long-time partner Harbour Pilot, her individual silver and team gold 2011 Pan-American Games ride.

He stepped up to 4* in 2021 and 5* last year.

They’re looking for their first 5* completion together this week having parted company on the cross country on their first attempt at the level at Kentucky last season.

Total horse girl 🐴 Growing up, Hannah Sue gained experience with all types of horses, from schooling Pony Hunters to hot walking horses at Churchill Downs.

She completed her first 5* at Kentucky in 2007 with a horse she’d found in the classified ads when she was thirteen.

Dressage form 📈 In the first phase, their scores are typically low to mid-30s at the 4* level; at their 5* run last year they posted 37.5.

Let’s hope it’s smiles all round for Hannah Sue and Chito when all’s said and done this week:

Hannah Sue Hollberg and Capitol H I M. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Chito is accurate and athletic in his trot work at the beginning of the test. He’s so clearly working with Hannah Sue and they look like a real partnership.

He shows some nice paces in the extended, and lots of cadence.

They show an established halt and clean rein back steps before transitioning into walk in a relaxed way.

The walk work is a little cautious. Chito is flicking his ears a little, he’s showing some tension which means Hannah Sue can’t push him in the walk.

That tension continues in the first few steps of canter. He’s clearly got so much potential in this phase though and he shows that in the stretch circle. Hannah Sue softens the rein and Chito takes it and softens down. A truly lovely example of the move.

They finish off with an excellent halt. There were some excellent moments throughout this test.

Hannah Sue Hollberg and Capitol H I M score 32.4 and go into second.

2:53pm Last up before the break we have Great Britain’s Piggy March who has made the trip to Maryland with Brookfield Cavalier Cruise AKA ‘Fletcher’.

This guy is well-used to being piloted by top riders, having been competed to 2* by Harry Meade, then up to 4* by Tom McEwen before Piggy March took over the ride this season.

5* first-timer ⭐ Fletcher, not Piggy!

Hot form 🌶️ They won first time out together in the 4*-S at Thoresby Park, and followed up their victory with a second place in the 4*-L at Bramham where they finished on their dressage score. They were fifth last time out, in the 4*-S at Little Downham.

5* winner 🥇🥇 Piggy’s been at the top of the podium at both Badminton and Burghley with her now retired super mare Vanir Kamira, and has represented Great Britain at European and World Championships.

🐷📺 As well as being a busy eventer, she’s the star of Piggy TV, her online training, horse care and rider fitness platform.

Dressage form 👀 In 13 FEI runs, Fletcher has just one first phase score outside the 20s – a 30.8. He may be stepping up a level, but this is one to watch for sure.

Eventing buddies are the best 💞 An elated Piggy coming second at Bramham behind her great mate and idol Pippa Funnell:


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A post shared by Piggy March (@piggy.march)

Wow, Piggy comes in meaning business. Very clear canter steps up the center line into a square halt. A great start.

Fletcher looks very flashy and showy in the ring and his trot has a lot of cadence and rhythm. He’s not necessarily softening automatically for Piggy, but she’s riding with all her might and getting the right result.

The halt and rein back are accurate and they move off into walk in a balanced and relaxed manner. The relaxation continues throughout the walk. This is looking great so far.

They strike off into canter and there’s no doubt that Piggy’s pushing for every mark. The flying changes are super – absolutely on the mark with lots of expression. Piggy’s brave in the extended and it looks very impressive.

A beautiful transition to trot down the center line and a square halt to finish. Fletcher gets an ear rub from Piggy for a job very, very well done. Piggy deserves one too – that was masterful riding.


It’s a provisional score for Piggy due to a discrepancy in the collectives, but for now…

Piggy March and Brookfield Cavalier Cruise provisionally score 24.2 and go into the lead.

Updated: Piggy’s score of 24.2 is confirmed.

We’re heading into the break now. Back in around 10 minutes – at 3:11pm EST / 8:11pm BST.

3:11pm Getting us back underway, Emily Hamel brings seasoned 5* campaigner – and high jump specialist – Corvett forward for the gelding’s sixth time at the top level.

5* form 🌟 Corvett – AKA ‘Barry’ – has completed both of the American 5* offerings, and both of the British ones too! He was 10th at Kentucky this season, 20th at Burghley last year and 14th here at Maryland in 2021.

Emily describes Barry as “the most talented, intelligent, brave, and sassy horse” she’s ever sat on.

She started riding the gelding whilst working for fellow Maryland 5* competitor Phillip Dutton. Barry was due to be sold as no one could ride him well due to his quirky – and now iconic (see below) – style. But Emily loved him and has brought him through the levels to the top of his sport.

Dressage form 🩰 Barry doesn’t win the dressage, he’s here to show off his stunning jump. He’s a high-30s kind of guy in the first phase – he scored 38.7 at Kentucky in the spring and 39.7 last time out in the 4*-S at Stable View, where he finished 5th.

Barry is a horse who’s got the hops, often giving himself about a foot of breathing room as he bounds over the fences 🐰 He’s even the star of kid’s book about what a bold jumper he is:


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A post shared by Emily Hamel (@hameleventing)

You can read an excerpt of the book and find out how to get your hooves on a copy here.

Barry has a good look round to check everyone’s watching him as he halts. He’s very excited. He breaks into canter and Emily has to pull him up before she can get him going into trot properly. There’s some tail swishing going on but he is trotting now, which Emily will be breathing a sigh of relief about.

She does push in the extended and he shows some nice steps. The second halt is much better than the first and they move off – tentatively – into walk.

Barry is staying in walk though, it’s cautious but he does show a little extension. He seems to settle a little bit as they get into the canter work.

There’s still a lot of tail swishing going on in the canter and Emily continues to have to ride cautiously. Barry gets behind her leg and she’s not able to stay in the counter canter. She’s doing a great job on a horse who doesn’t really want to do dressage – he very much wants to do cross country.

They put in a clean change although the next one is a little ropey. He comes back to trot well though, and stands to halt at the end. Barry looks incredibly relaxed as he walks out of the arena, as is so often the case with horses who are bubbling over through their test. Emily did a great job in there, that’s for sure.

Emily Hamel and Corvett score 39.

3:20pm With two Kentucky starts under their girth, Booli Selmayr and Millfield Lancando come forward for their third 5* together.

New Yorker Booli has produced ‘Lance’ from his first international events to the top level of his sport.

Big boy 🪜 At 17.1, there’s no mistaking Lance for a pony!

They finished 25th on their 5* debut at Kentucky last season, but unfortunately parted company on the cross country there this year. They’ll be hoping to stick together and secure their second 5* completion here this week.

They come here on great form, having finished third last time out in the 4*-S at Bromont in June.

Dressage form 👀 At Kentucky in the spring they posted a first phase score of 44.6, last year it was 45.2. At 4* they’re generally high-30s.

Game faces on:

Booli Selmayr and Millfield Lancando. Photo by Abby Powell.

Lance looks fresh as he comes up the center line but Booli’s sitting calm and keeping a lid on things. He’s a bit wobbly in the shoulder in and it’s clear that Lance is feeling the atmosphere. Everything’s accurate enough so far though.

Booli can’t really push in the extended and Lance doesn’t really want to halt before the rein back. The walk looks very bouncy to begin with, but Booli has managed to contain it. He’s really anticipating the canter transition though and Booli is masterful in the way she’s riding.

Lance is happier in the canter work, but he’s not 100% concentrating on Booli, he’s much more interested in everything that’s going on around the arena. She manages to let him stretch a little in the circle though, which is good work on a fizzy horse.

This hasn’t been an easy ride for Booli and she’s done an amazing job. Lance looks incredibly fit, which will be great on Saturday. Today though, it made for a difficult ride. Booli will be glad to have the first phase done and dusted. The halt is very short, but Lance did halt and now he can go and look forward to cross country.

Booli Selmayr and Millfield Lancando score 40.9.

Andrew McConnon and Ferrie’s Cello are making their 5* debut here at Maryland.

🎓 One of the five YEH graduates here this week, as a five-year-old ‘Eddy’ (as he’s known in the barn) won the YEH qualifier at Carolina Horse Park and went on to be Reserve Champion at the East Coast Championships, which are running here alongside the 5*.

🥈 They represented the US as members of the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team that brought home a silver medal in the FEI Eventing Nations Cup in Poland this year.

Eventing idol/boss 🤩 In 2016 Andrew had the chance to work as a rider for British eventing legend (and fellow competitor at Maryland) William Fox-Pitt for two years. He also spent some time with Pippa Funnell and her husband, William, at The Billy Stud.

Andrew has also worked with CANTER, a program which provides OTTBs with opportunities for second careers.

Dressage form 📈 At 4* this season, they’ve scored 32.6, 34.8 and and 38.7, so the 30s seem to be their sweet spot at this stage in their career.

Eddy sure knows how to slurp:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Andrew McConnon (@andrewsmcconnon)

Eddy starts off with a square halt but picks his head up and has a little look around. Andrew kicks on though and Eddy responds with some accurate and balanced trot work.

There’s a lot of cadence in the trot and Andrew’s able to push in the extended. Eddy looks well within himself in his work and they look like a good partnership.

The walk is relaxed and Eddy’s listening to Andrew and responding to his aids. He begins to anticipate the canter transition but Andrew holds him back.

The first change isn’t quite as accurate as the rest of the work, Eddy looked a little fragile but Andrew held him together. The second one is a bit more wobbly, but Andrew’s riding this test incredibly well. The stretch circle is good enough, but then the change is a a bit too exuberant.

They finish in a nice halt and there’s a cheer from the crowd. This has been a great test for a young horse at its first 5*.

Andrew McConnon and Ferrie’s Cello score 33.4 and go into 4th as things stand.

3:34pm One half of the Fletcher eventing couple Cornelia Fletcher brings Daytona Beach 8 to Maryland after successful 5* trips on both sides of the Pond.

5* form 🌟 With a top 25 finish at Kentucky this season, and 10th place at Burghley last year on their 5* debut, this pair have two great top-level results under their girth as they come forward for their third go at the level.

Leaderboard climb 🪜 They moved up 40 places on the Burghley leaderboard – they were 50th after dressage, 16th after cross country and 10th after show jumping.

Marital rivalry? One of the latest additions to the eventing couples hall of fame, Cornelia and her husband, Jacob Fletcher, are both contesting the 5* here at Maryland.

Dressage form 👀 They scored 39 in the Main Arena at Burghley last season and 53.4 at Kentucky Horse Park. Daytona is a horse that’s here for the jumping – in eleven 4* starts they’ve been sub-40 just twice. But they did it at Burghley, will they do it again at Maryland?

Best of the Americans and top-10 at Burghley – not bad for a 5* debut:

Daytona thinks it’s cross country day – Cornelia has a bit of a moment outside the arena. She gets the mare in the arena and it all continues in the same way – Daytona is ready to run and doesn’t have much interest in halting or trotting. Cornelia does a fantastic job to get her going. It’s all bouncy and fizzy and tense, but Cornelia is managing to keep a lid on it, mostly.

Daytona pokes her nose out in the halt – which is incredibly brief – and the rein back looks equally difficult. You can see the whites of Daytona’s eyes as she looks around.

There’s snorting in the walk, which is more jog than walk really. Cornelia looks disappointed but she is doing such a professional job of making the best of a very difficult situation.

Daytona throws an immediate change in as she goes into canter. Rather than being happier at the faster pace, Daytona continues to bubble over. Cornelia manages to get her to change back and they continue on their way.

Cornelia deserves a medal for how she’s ridden in the ring today. What a difficult situation. Daytona was more spicey than ever, perhaps the wind was under her tail. There’s a shrug and shake of the head from Cornelia at the end and Daytona’s still playing up as the leave the arena. A difficult test to watch, but very impressive riding from Cornelia.

Cornelia Fletcher and Daytona Beach 8 score 48.5.

3:43pm Mia Farley and Phelps are here for their first 5* together.

Mia and Phelps’ combined age is 33!

She’s been riding Phelps for the past six years – since he was a four-year old.

🏇 He’s an OTTB owned by David O’Connor.

Early start alert! Mia’s started riding when she was three and did her first event aged seven.

Dressage form 📈 They scored 31.4 in the 4*-S at Kentucky in the spring – up to that their form was mid-30s. Last time out they went sub-30, with a 29.9 in the 4*-S at Plantation Field a few weeks ago.

Here’s hoping today’s a big pats kind of day:

Mia Farley and Phelps. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

A super square halt to start for Mia and Phelps. He sets off in a balanced trot and the medium is very impressive. Phelps looks very relaxed in the ring and is working nicely with Mia. He’s a bit wobbly in the contact in the lateral work, but these are difficult movements and Mia’s doing a great job in her first 5*.

There’s another good halt and clean rein back steps. Phelps is a little bouncy in the walk, he’s very expressive in his movement but Mia gets him to take the contact forward well. Phelps anticipates the canter transition a little but the strike off is good and clean.

He’s a little late behind going into the first change but there’s good positioning in the shoulder in. He’s not so uphill as some of the other horses, but all of his work is accurate. He takes the contact down in the stretch circle and comes right back to Mia. This looks like a very promising partnership.

Phelps steps out a little in the halt. There have been a couple of wobbly moments in the contact, but overall this has been a super dressage test for a first attempt at the level and there have been some particularly nice moments. Mia should be very proud of the work she and Phelps have shown today.

Mia Farley and Phelps score 32.9 and go into 4th place.

3:51pm Last to go today is Bobby Meyerhoff, who brings his 17hand mare Lumumba forward for her first 5*.

Equestrian education 🎓 Bobby began his eventing journey in the Pony Club aged nine, going on to train with Stuart Black and Karen and David O’Connor. He’s also worked for show jumper Aaron Vale.

Bobby and his show jumper wife Danica are based in North Carolina, where they run Meyerhoff Show Horses, focusing on producing young horses to the top of their respective sports.

Dressage form 🕺At 4* this season they’ve been low- to mid-30s. How will Lumumba do as she steps up a level?

📸 Lumumba sure knows how to work that camera:

Bobby Meyerhoff and Lumumba. Photo by Jenni Autry.

They start off with a couple of steps into a square enough halt. The mare loses a little straightness coming out of the halt into the trot but she gets going nicely and the positioning in the lateral work gets better as they go along.

Bobby’s really showing off Lumumba’s movement as he pushes across the ring in the extended.

The halt is a little tentative, but the rein back is accurate.

The extended walk is a little hurried in the beginning, but Lumumba takes the contact out as she relaxes into it. She anticipates the canter transition though and Bobby has to correct it. He has to bring her back again in the corner and just as he gets her going a helicopter goes over. Lumumba is a total pro though and doesn’t let it bother her.

She shows tension as she crosses the ring on the diagonal and fishtails her hindquarters out a little. There are some small errors creeping in, an early change for example. But Lumumba’s clearly trying hard for Bobby.

They end on a nice halt and Lumumba gets a big pat. She seemed really quite tense at a few points in that test, but there was also a fair bit of very nice work on display.

Bobby Meyerhoff and Lumumba score 39.5.

4pm And that’s it for the first day of dressage at Maryland 5 Star!

There’s an international flavor to the overnight leaderboard:

Leading overnight is Great Britain’s Piggy March with Brookfield Cavalier Cruise on a score of 24.2.

In second is New Zealand’s Monica Spencer with Artist on 28.4.

And rounding out the top 3 is the USA’s Hannah Sue Hollberg with Capitol H I M on 32.4.

I’ll update the provisional scores if they do change, but it does look like things are staying as they are.

Watch out for EN’s full round-up of all the day’s dressage – coming soon!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I’ll be back tomorrow with another day’s action from between the white boards. Until then, go eventing!

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