Live Blog from Fair Hill CCI3* XC

Scores: For a live scoreboard click here, and for official results click here.  XC Ride times are here.

To help you visualize the course, check out this map.  The blue track is CCI3* and you can click on those dots to see pictures of the jumps.

And here is our live blog from the CCI3* action.  Thanks for coming.  Just click on the countdown circle in the coveritlive box below.

If we go offline and the feed stops for an extended period, I will try to get everything back up and running asap.  Also, the comments are moderated, meaning that when you hit ‘submit’ they show up on my screen but not immediately on the live blog.   I then have to hit a button to put them on the screen that everyone can see.  Please, please, please make comments and ask questions, but I might not have time to publish all of them.
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