Fair Hill Dressage Results as of 2:45pm Thursday

Dressage competition has started for the Fair Hill CCI2* and CCI3* in a cold and rainy Maryland.  Erika Treis Peterson (pictured above) is leading the CCI3* on Under the Influence, with a score of 45.4 through 26 rides.  Jolie Sexson [Killian O’Connor] is just behind with a 48.8.  Jan Byyny [Inmidair] and Gina Fiore [Feral Errol] are tied for third with 49.0.   With 28 rides posted in the CCI2*, Leslie Law (GBR) leads on Hugo Fast with a 45.3.  Kelli Temple and Mikki Kuchta round out the top 3. 
Click here for the most current placings, and scroll down for the CCI2* results.  Also, for Dressage ride times, go here.
For an outdated bio of your current CCI3* leader, Erika Peterson, check this out.  
Fair Hill has a record number of entries this year, which confirms my point in the Preview Post that USA’s amount of rising Eventing talent is growing, perhaps at an all-time high.
The USEA has photos of the jog on their website.  As two quick comments, I wish people would look up when they are jogging, and you can see in the photos how some of the more savvy veterans school their horses during the jog.
Thanks for being part of Eventing Nation, I think we are the only Eventing website with current results posted, as of now.  We will have another post today when the Dressage wraps up.  We also have a big surprise for this weekends XC and Show Jumping coverage that we might tell you about tonight.
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