Fair Hill Recap (continued)

As always, here are the final results from the FHI Three-Day Event.
Here is the USEF press release, which is a really great presentation of the weekend.
Here are some videos for your viewing pleasure.  With 2 rails in hand, Boyd and Neville won their first CCI3* with this ride.

The price of these videos is that Eventing Nation takes a long time to load, especially when we have a lot of visitors online at once.

For some Cross-Country photos from the good folks at EventingUSA, click this.
Boyd’s blog post about the victory is here.
I read horsetalk.co.nz from time to time, but they completely whiff in the first sentence of this article about Boyd’s victory.
I have heard several rumors and speculation about the current status of Jennie Brannigan’s horse Cooper, but nothing that is strong enough to write.  All I can suggest is that she will probably post something on her blog, or website in the next few days.  
Here is the COTH CCI3* article from Kat Netzler and Sarah Lieser.  I am told that Kat has some hilarious photos of Hannah’s crash through the last fence.  If she doesn’t want to publish them, I am more than happy to, all in good fun of course.  Send ’em this way Kat.  This photo is great, read the caption.


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