Fair Hill Thrives Under Dutta Corp Sponsorship

Dutta Corp Fair Hill CCI2* winners Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow's Nio tackle the Dutta Farm Yard. Photo by Jenni Autry.

It has to be a good omen that the first year in recent memory without one drop of rain at Fair Hill also happened to be the first year in which Dutta Corp signed on for the title sponsorship of the fall’s premier event. Indeed, Tim Dutta has a lot to be smiling about today, and I caught up with him this afternoon to find out how his company, which has flown horses around the world for 25 years, came to be the title sponsor of the Dutta Corp Fair Hill International Three-Day Event.

“I’ve always shipped event horses, not just for championships and major competitions, but for individuals like the Davidson family, Jennie Brannigan, Colleen Rutledge, Charlie Plumb and Will Coleman since he was a kid,” Tim said. “My philosophy has always been to give back.” So when Jim Wolf, the USEF Executive Director of Sport Programs, told Tim that Dansko was pulling out as the title sponsor of Fair Hill, he said it was a no-brainer to sign on in support of the event.

“It was a 30-second conversation,” Tim said. “Jim told me how important it was to have a title sponsorship in the cycle leading up to the Olympics, and I’m thrilled to be involved. Eventing is horsemanship at it’s finest; it doesn’t get any better.” And to sweeten the deal, Tim also provided a free roundtrip international flight to the winner of the Dutta Corp Fair Hill International CCI3*, and he’s elated that Jan Byyny took home the prize.

“Jan has been an old client and friend of mine, and I’ve flown horses all over the world for her,” Tim said. “With her trials and tribulation and everything she has been through with her health, it’s amazing that she’s back at this level in the sport. Inmidair is a great horse, and I hope this will give them what they need to stand on the podium.”

It seems this is the beginning of a what will hopefully be a long relationship between Dutta Corp and eventing, and Tim has big plans for how he’d like to continue contributing to the sport. “I will stay on and support Fair Hill for as long as I possibly can,” Tim said. “Hopefully the venue will dream of bigger and better things, and the first priority is to substantially increase the prize money.”

In addition to more cash for the top finishers, Tim hinted that Fair Hill is really looking to the future — think adding a second four-star event to North America, developing a Grand Slam competition, and ultimately creating a venue and event that will attract the world’s top riders. “I can only say that Dutta Corp and myself are delighted to be a part of it,” Tim said. The feeling is very much mutual, Tim. Go Dutta Corp.


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