Fashion Police at Fair Hill’s First Jog

Libby Head and Sir Rockstar rock the jog lane at their first CCI3*. Photo courtesy of Libby.

The first jog up at Fair Hill began at 1pm Wednesday with the 2* horses and riders presenting first. It was unusually warm and sunny for Fair Hill which may have caught a few people off guard when choosing outfits, but I let it slide. Although a simple glance at the calendar would indicate that it is in fact October and not April, it seems that some people were not only gauging their horse’s readiness for Rolex, but also giving their spring attire a practice run. As usual, there were some dangerously short skirts paired with super pale bare legs, and some very questionable cankle-causing bootie choices, but overall, I didn’t feel the need to forcibly remove anyone from the warm-up area to go and change. Well, maybe one person. Sadly, my photographs from today died with an old memory card and I have NOTHING to offer you. The fashion police is saddened and embarrassed by losing the evidence, but promises to carefully document the Sunday jog fashions.

On a positive note, my personal favorite of the day was a simple, flattering and seasonally appropriate outfit worn by Libby Head while presenting Sir Rockstar in her first CCI3*. She wore a black blazer fitted blazer open in the front, with a lovely teal scarf that was tied in a cute knot where the fringed ends fell just below her waist line. Under the scarf and blazer was a barely off-white lace top that skimmed her hips and peeked from under the hem of the blazer. One of my favorite details was the bright orange zipper on the back of the blouse that made it contemporary and fun, where it could have looked too formal. Her bottom half was monochromatic and flattering. Black leggings and beautiful equestrian inspired black leather Burberry dress boots, fitted through the ankle but wider at the top than we would wear when riding. I definitely did a double take, wondering if they were vintage. Her lovely dark bay horse was shiny and and well presented, and her outfit complemented them both. I asked her later about her ensemble and she told me that she got inspired by searching Pinterest when she should have been paying attention in class and shopped for pieces as well as borrowing from friends. Really, choosing a jog outfit is equally as important as higher education, so we at the fashion police give her an A+.

Like I said, my photos were lost and I had to beg Libby for a snapshot. Although you can’t see any of the details from the outfit, you get the overall idea of their cute and Fair Hill appropriate attire.

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