Friday Fashion Forecast: Corral Your ‘Showshirt Ponies’ With a SheFit Sports Bra

Let’s be honest … my “Showshirt Ponies” are nothing larger than a Welsh cross. An 11-hand, petite equine that still needs to be contained, but marches around with a Napoleon complex wanting to feel larger than reality. It does not take a whole lot to corral this type of pony, but maybe she needs a little lift once in awhile to feel confident. Seriously. I’m curvy like a dry piece of spaghetti. I was once addressed as “Sir” at a horse event. Many times at shows people ask if I am in the youth division (I’m 37 years old), and there have been incidents where horse show management asks if I am my husband’s daughter. 

Amy riding Hummingbird’s Mendacium — this warmblood can TROT!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have an adult working student named Ashley who has four kids and uses barn time as ‘adult time.’ She is very feminine in her curves, and has told me that she worries about her draft-cross “Showshirt Ponies” dragging to her knees. They are large, powerful horses, and a solid corral is a must-have or her ponies will be galloping free at a horse show. We do have one thing in common — we both work long 12-hour days … so comfort is a MUST.

Ashley corrals her draft-cross “showshirt ponies”

Is there really a sports bra that can work for both body types … and not make us want to tear it off by noon?

Introducing the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra. The first thing I noticed with the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra is how custom the fit really is. They do come in standard sizes like small, medium, large and then a variety of “Luxe” sizes. But the difference is in the design: the straps on the shoulders and the strap around your ribcage is fastened with extra-strength Velcro so you can make it the exact size and shape of your body.  No more guessing, or having the approximate fit!

Both Ashley and I loved this. On the rare occasion that I am actually bra shopping, nothing ever fits quite right. It’s either too tight or too loose and I either look like a sad pancake, or like a teenager with spare room who needs to stuff socks in with the gals to give the illusion of even a cob-sized pony in her corral. The website touts a “Zip, Cinch, Lift™ technology,” where “the Shefit bra adapts to each individual body type to provide unmatched personalized support to women of all unique shapes and sizes.” This is absolutely true. Both Ashley and I enjoyed the perfect fit.

Photo courtesy of

Now when you hear ‘Velcro,’ you may assume it’s cheap construction, but SheFit is anything but. The bra is made of high-quality material and extra stitching assures that your ponies will stay in the corral even with the most energetic sitting trot in your dressage test.  I personally loved the “lift” portion of the design, as my welsh ponies stood tall and proud all day long!
What about comfort? Ashley and I could both attest to this! As a horse trainer and farm owner my days are 12 hours long everyday. The first thing I do at the end of the day is get that bra off and put pajamas on. With the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra, at no point throughout the day did I find myself tugging, adjusting, or otherwise grumping at the fact that my ponies were still contained. Ashley reported back to me late at night, after the kids went to bed, saying ,”I love it! It’s almost midnight and I’m just now taking it off, if that tells you anything! I was pleasantly surprised at how flattering it looked when it was on. I was able to wear it to work out this morning, and then kept it on when I changed to go to a work meeting! I loved that it had so much support, and you can adjust it where you needed it to be. This is the first night my back and shoulders aren’t sore!”
Corral Your Showshirt Ponies

Amy Nelson compares the fit of a regular sports bra to the “SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra”

I really loved the part where you can change the back of it as well — it was flattering under any shirt with the ability to be an “X” design, or an “H.” Cost-wise you’re looking at spending a bit more than the average sports bra, but for a three-day event, with the ability to literally change the design yourself, it’s well worth it. They come in a variety of colors for every style, they fit EXACTLY to your body, and they are super comfortable even at the hottest of horse shows! Make the SheFit Sports Bra your go-to support for your “Showshirt Ponies!”

Final Review

Cost: $$$$
Excitement: *** 3 Stars
Durability: **** 4 Stars
Variety: ***** 5 Stars