Friday Fashion Forecast: Warm Ears and Audio with TooksHats!

How do you keep your ears warm under your helmet while you ride in the winter? Normal winter hats don’t fit properly and render your helmet unsafe. What if you want to listen to music while you ride … but earbuds keep falling out? Introducing Tooks — hats you hear!

Tooks Hats come in a variety of styles including the Sportec Scully, made of dryfit material, which is absolutely perfect for riders! It is stretchy and warm, specifically designed to fit under a helmet for winter sports. It not only keeps you warm under your helmet for winter riding, but also contains headphones that you can position for a custom fit to your ears!

If you have trouble with earbuds like I do (for some reason ear buds just refuse to stay in, so I waste more time adjusting them than actually riding) then you need to try Tooks. The headphones slide into the Hat through a reinforced opening in the back of the hat. It allows you to place the headphones securely inside of the fabric itself, exactly where you want them, and they stay in place with small pieces of Velcro on the earphones. They are removable for easy washing of your hat, or for storage when you don’t care to listen to music while you ride.

Tooks Sportec Skully. Photo from

Despite the size of these headphones they actually have extremely good sound quality! In addition to riding professionally for all these years, I have spent 19 years working as a radio DJ.  I know good sound when I hear it. These headphones have superior sound quality, with great definition of bass, and you can even get them in a wireless option. You can thump your dance music while jumping through grids, rock your heavy metal while cleaning stalls, and secretly listen to rock opera while perfecting your dressage.





Amy Nelson with the Tooks Sportec Skully under a winter hat.

Tooks Hats come in several colors to express your individuality. They also have winter style hats for when you aren’t riding, to listen to music perhaps while finishing farm chores. I tested the Sportec Scully with wired headphones and the wire easily tucked through my jacket to my phone for my dance mixes. It never seemed to get in the way of my riding position at all. And I actually put a winter hat over it while I was doing chores, listening to an audiobook in the frozen tundra. It provided extra warmth and was already on my head to quickly switch out for a helmet when I was ready to ride.  Tooks offers a variety of hats and styles, including a Tooks Sportband in dryfit material. This fits over a baseball cap nicely, while still fitting perfectly under your helmet.

Tooks Sportec Skully under Amy Nelson’s helmet.

Take a look at my video showing how the Tooks Hats work! These are super affordable (use code MISTLETOE at checkout for 10% off through the holidays!), so you can grab one in every color — even Pink! Absolutely a perfect stocking stuffer for the rider on your gift list.

Cost: $
Excitement: *** 3 Stars
Durability: *** 3 Stars
Variety: *** 3 Stars